10 Awesome Free Script Fonts

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Series Overview


I really enjoy the look of script fonts when they are used properly in design, especially in headers and logos. In this post, (part 3 of my series on awesome free fonts), I’ll showcase my ten favorites. In no particular order, they are…

1. Amaze  [ Download ]


2. Angelina  [ Download ]


3. Blackjack  [ Download ]


4. Dear Joe Four  [ Download ]


5. England Hand  [ Download ]


6. Miama  [ Download ]


7. Monika  [ Download ]


8. Phoenix Script  [ Download ]


9. Saginaw  [ Download ]


10. Zephyr Script  [ Download ]


Your Thoughts

What free script fonts do you like? What should have made this list?

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Andrew is a primary contributer for MyInkBlog. He is a full time web developer for Niagara University. When he's not working there, he's a blogger, twitter'er, wordpress'er, silverstripe advocate, blessed father and husband.

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  • http://www.hollagraphics.com Donald G Wooten II

    Thanks Andrew. These should offer a dose of class and chase away the monotony. I appreciate it.

  • http://www.myinkblog.com Andrew Houle

    @Donald – You’re gonna love the handwritten and grunge fonts then!

  • http://www.art2code.com Art2code

    thanks! my favourite is “Blackjack”

  • http://www.psdvault.com PSD Vault

    Great collection, I just happen to be looking for them right now! Thanks Andrew!

    PSD Vault´s last post was… Create Simple, Yet Elegant Abstract Spectrum Lines in Photoshop

  • http://www.myinkblog.com Andrew Houle

    @PSD Vault – Nice, I’m happy it was timely for ya!

  • http://www.littleboxofideas.com/blog/ Sneh

    Awesome List! You have to add Scriptina on there .. I couldn’t live without it!! :-)

    Sneh´s last post was… 44 Creative Green Business Cards

  • http://www.3bweb.com Jack Bremer

    Nice collection – shame Zephyr doesn’t link up nicely

  • http://www.sapienblog.com/ Ankit Bathija

    Hey, Edwardian Script is an aazing font but its missing, even I found out that amazing font just 3 days ago…

  • http://www.myinkblog.com Andrew Houle

    @Sneh – Nice addition, maybe I should make this 11 :)

    @Jack – The Zephyr download seems to be working properly now.

    @Ankit – Yeah that’s a beautiful font, especially when you need something quite elegant for wedding invites and such.

  • http://hamroawaaz.com Rahul

    Nice font’s compilation. The can be very useful. Thanks mate.

    Rahul´s last post was… Global fight against Polio

  • http://www.theredrooms.net Patricia

    I LOVE Free Stuff!!


    Nice stuff here…been looking for such good fonts for awhile!

    BTW, nice improvement to your
    comments section!

  • http://www.myinkblog.com Andrew Houle

    @RUGLIN – Thanks for noticing. I got some more improvements on the way :)

  • http://ownage.countzeero.eu theCount

    Some fine examples here…thanks for an excellent list from which I´ll be grabbing right now!

    theCount´s last post was… original ownage

  • oscar.santana

    great selection!

  • http://electrophonicdesign.com Ezra Sandoval

    Very nice list. I already use a few of these but I’m going to add the rest to my font collection.


  • Massimo Nastasi

    Nice selection but, i think “Scriptina” must be there too

  • http://www.freelancewebdesigner.me freelance web designer

    it is very beautiful, thank you so much

  • http://bunnyhillsv.com/ Bunny HIll

    Nice blog, love the look. Thanks for the font features.

  • http://handdrawn.typepad.co.uk Neal McCullough

    Tremendous resource! – there are some real beautys here

    Neal McCullough´s last post was… Black Market This Weekend…

  • http://www.fatheads.co.uk fatheadsuk

    Great selection of elegant fonts.

    It is a shame that since becoming a web centric person, my writing is little more than a spiders crawl across the page and i have to resort to hand written fonts!

    My fave is Saginaw

  • http://www.britny.se Christofer

    Like it :-D

  • http://www.raterror.com Stunt

    wow , cool collection

  • http://www.squareart.co.za/lab squareart

    Nice one! – I like Blackjack and Monica the most: )

    squareart´s last post was… Fantastic Typeface Portrait of Steve Jobs by Dylan Roscover

  • http://www.maine-lyweb.com Linda Chadbourne

    Miama is new to me, thanks!!

  • Emma

    Number 8 (Phoenix Script) is rather poorly done. The letters are meant to join, but it’s very disjointed.

  • Munnai Bhai

    NICE FONTS!!!! Angelina.. I like the most.

  • Moo

    Thanks so much for these, they are great. I’ve been looking for a good script font that had connected letters! Thanks again :-)

  • http://www.hisubash.com Aneslin

    thanks for the excellent collection bro,
    I like Monika, like its lowercase
    .-= Aneslin´s last blog ..PPC Advertising for Dummies =-.

  • Len Wilson

    Great list! Thanks. We made a list of some too … most of these are free, a few cost a little bit:


  • http://digitalartempire.com/ Ben Rama

    i wanna make these kinda fonts
    .-= Ben Rama´s last blog ..An new site and design =-.

  • http://www.invisibleinkwebdesigns.com/weblog Luke Sheppard

    How have you not included Scriptina?? Haha, it needs a little work in Photoshop to get it looking amazing but it’s a really good starting point.

    Saginaw is a nice one though!

  • Hugo

    Great article, thx :)
    btw some nice free script fonts http://www.fonts2u.com/category.html?id=13

  • JHL

    All good stuff – don’t forget http://www.dafont.com

  • http://www.i-bukmacher.pl/ sts

    England Hand is very nice font

  • http://www.thomascraigconsulting.com Thomas Craig Consulting

    Thanks Andrew for an excellent collection, BlackJack is my favorite out of the bunch.

  • http://www.hidheadlightkit.com Hid Kit

    England is the much develop one;

  • .miss sunshine.

    http://www.fontcubes.com/Amaze.font Couldnt find the font here, but i looked and i leave you the link :)

  • http://www.valentine-web-creations.com Alicia Staz

    Most of these fonts are no longer available. I thought you might want to know…

    • http://www.myinkblog.com James Vincent

      Hi Alicia, thanks for the comment. I have updated Andrew’s post and all the links are working again.

  • http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/images/B004GY6DSY/ref=dp_image_0?ie=UTF8&n=5174&s=music Somnambulist

    Use Zephyr, go to jail.

    What a godawful typeface.