10 Cool Tweeple in the Design Community

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A Brief Intro

About a year ago, I kept hearing about this social media site called Twitter. I heard about how awesomely helpful and useful it was, but I must admit my initial reaction was that of skepticism. Afterall, the last thing I needed was another thing to take up more of my time. Then I tried it! The positive effects Twitter has had on my blog and growing network of design community friends are innumerable.

The Rational Behind This Post

The idea to write a post such as this one is far from original. Recently I was thrilled to be a part of this list: Ten more Friendly Designers on Twitter by @styletime. That post has brought me a ton of new followers, and I’m definitely thankful for that.

Hopefully my list of people to follow from the design community will be helpful to you. I choose those folks that I’ve found to be active, knowledgeable and helpful. Before we get started, it’s required that I shamelessly promote my own account :) So if you have an account, please consider adding me to your follow list: http://twitter.com/myinkblog

Onward, To The List!


Grant Friedman is straightforward and helpful. He runs the increasingly popular site Colorburned where he often gives away high quality vectors.



Meet Roger Byrne, the guy that inspired this list! He is always active on Twitter. Super helpful, and not afraid to speak his mind. Roger somehow finds time to run: onetime, styletime and votetime. You know, all the sites with too many periods in the URL!



Andy is very friendly on Twitter and quick with a retweet. He is the owner of AndySowards.com where you will find daily roundups for the design community. And the best part has to be the name: Daily Nerdy Links!



Next up is AJ Troxell of Phire Design. AJ often tweets and retweets useful links from the design community. His blog offers useful articles, freebies, tutorials and more.



Calvin Lee is the owner of Mayhem Studios.Calvin wins the prize of most active designer on Twitter. He gets out more retweets than anyone I know.



Chad Engle is the man behind Design Community Twitter Hours (DCTH). DCTH has proven to be an awesomely helpful and successful venture. Be sure to check that out.



Franz runs Fudge Graphics, an inspirational blog with freebies and design news.



Brian Hoff is the creator of Design Cubicle. He is talented and knowledgeable. He often retweets and posts very useful links.



Angie Bowen is truly one of the nicest and most helpful designers on Twitter. She runs Arbenting, a design blog with tons of useful content.



Matt is the guy behind Spoonfed Design. Always looking to lend a hand and better the design community, he is the perfect fit for this list!


Wrap It Up

There’s the list, I hope you find it useful and will consider adding some of these fine folks to your Twitter accounts. Who did I miss? Who else should make a list like this? Feel free to add some names using the comments below.

About the Author

Andrew is a primary contributer for MyInkBlog. He is a full time web developer for Niagara University. When he's not working there, he's a blogger, twitter'er, wordpress'er, silverstripe advocate, blessed father and husband.

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  • http://colorburned.com Colorburned

    Wow! Thanks for the mention!

    Colorburned´s last post was… 53 Impressive Polka Dot Pattern Swatches

  • http://www.spoonfeddesign.com/ Matt

    Thank you very much for including me in this great list!

  • http://www.chris-wallace.com Chris Wallace

    Sweet list.

    Chris Wallace´s last post was… The Last Browser Testing Advice You’ll Ever Need

  • http://anidandesign.com Dani McDaniel

    Great list! These are indeed awesome people to follow, thank you! It’s refreshing to see a list of really awesome people who are always willing to help, share great content, and who will actually follow back :)

    Dani McDaniel´s last post was… My Favorite Firefox Add-ons

  • http://lesseverything.com allan branch

    Yeah it’s cool I (@LessAllan) didn’t get listed, I was probably #11 right? right?

  • http://arbent.net/ Angie Bowen

    Thanks so much for including me Andrew, I’m so flattered to be on the list with so many helpful people. I’m already getting tons of new followers from this!

    BTW, my last name is Bowen not Brown. It’s a very common mistake, I get it all the time :)

    Angie Bowen´s last post was… Wednesday Web of Inspiration: Amazing Fantasy Photomanipulations

  • http://www.myinkblog.com Andrew Houle

    @allan haha, that’s sounds about right :) I just added you on twitter, nice site btw!

    @Angie so sorry about the last name, got that fixed now! Glad you are getting some new followers already!

  • http://www.ceaweed.com/ramble Chad Engle

    Thanks again for the shoutout! I am going to have to do a highlight on you soon! Hahaha #DCTH will have some upgrades soon.

    Chad Engle´s last post was… DCTH Feedback

  • http://www.smalonedesign.com Stephanie Malone

    Wow. Amazing list. I am pleased to say that I added all these design rock starts to my twitter follows!

    Stephanie Malone´s last post was… Democracy by Design

  • http://www.myinkblog.com Andrew Houle

    @Chad, no problem, glad to add you to the list. DCTH is such a cool thing you are doing for the design community. I know you must put a lot of time into organizing it, I really appreciate the effort! Hmmm… a highlight, that sounds interesting :)

  • http://phiredesign.net AJ Troxell

    Great post Andrew. Thank you very much for including me in it!

    AJ Troxell´s last post was… Fake Hand Drawn in Photoshop

  • http://www.thedesigncubicle.com Brian Hoff

    Thanks for the include Andrew. Glad I’m viewed as a help to the design community, that has also taught me so much as well. Much appreciated :)

    Brian Hoff´s last post was… 50+ Totally Rad Ads and Crafty Promos!

  • http://www.fudgegraphics.com Franz Jeitz

    awesome stuff. thanks so much for including me.

    Franz Jeitz´s last post was… Featured Artist: Evgeny Kiselev

  • http://www.marcofolio.net/ Marco

    Aawh, seems like I’m not cool enough to follow :) .

    Anyway, I’m already following all of these people which would mean that they’re indeed tweeple to follow, nice lice ;) !

    Marco´s last post was… [Imagedump] January 2009

  • http://on.eti.me/welcome styletime

    Hey Andrew you got ME started on all this myinkblog was the inspiration to start Styletime so it’s ALL your fault ;)

    Thanks for the mention honored!

  • http://www.andysowards.com/blog Andy Sowards

    I am honored to be on this list with such great people! They are all very good friends to have on twitter and I enjoy the tweets we exchange! :) Great job and keep up the great work!!

    Andy Sowards´s last post was… Daily Links

  • http://www.egracecreative.com Brandon Cox

    I’m addicted to lists like these – thanks so much!

    Brandon Cox´s last post was… People Follow People

  • http://www.myinkblog.com Andrew Houle

    @styletime Glad I could get the ball rolling, now you’ll never be able to stop ;)

  • http://www.thisisaaronslife.com Aaron Irizarry

    Great list!
    I an say that I have interacted with pretty much all of these people and they are great. They have been helpful, have been willing to RT, and give input.

    Aaron I

    Aaron Irizarry´s last post was… Quality or Quantity?

  • http://snoe.biz snoe

    Thanks for the list, and please stop by to say hi @snoebiz. I haven’t communicated with the others but agree on your @behoff choice. Friendly and offers great articles.

  • http://myinfomatrix.com Pavan K

    Good post. Thanks for this. Already following Matt from Spoonfed, who certainly tweets valuable stuff.

    Twitter should really ask one question: What are you learning now?

  • http://naldzgraphics.net Ronald Bien

    7/10 i knew them very much=)so very nice and helpful people=)

    Ronald Bien´s last post was… How to Create a Simple Face Text Portrait in Photoshop

  • http://blog.cfdesignz.co.uk Craig Farrall

    Great list here, I follow them all, and they all come out with some very valuable information, I would definately vouch for them also, nice post.

    Craig Farrall´s last post was… Happy new year everyone!

  • http://www.r1designs.net Michael Risser

    Great list, I’ll have to check these out. But you did forget Jacob Cass @justcreative. Great designer, lots of great links and RTs

  • http://www.psdfan.com Tom Ross

    Amazing list Andrew. I’ve just gone and added all of these people.

    Tom Ross´s last post was… PSDFAN (or rather I am) on Twitter

  • http://www.myinkblog.com Andrew Houle

    @Michael I’m glad you mentioned him, he is a great addition to this list. I’m a big fan of his blog and designs!

  • http://123freevectors.com 123freevectors

    Great list here, Thanks!

    123freevectors´s last post was… 104_people_girl

  • http://www.joyoge.com/ joyoge designers’ bookmark

    Great list thanks..

    joyoge designers’ bookmark´s last post was… The Real Problem With Design Contests

  • http://wpcult.com WPCult

    That’s a good compilation of designers on Twitter..

    WPCult´s last post was… cforms II now GPL compliant

  • http://tshayes.com Tyler Hayes

    Absolutely horrible list, who would want to follow this group of clowns? ;) Jokes, and more jokes! Good tweeple, great people, I’d say.

    Also, I think you mean “rationale” and not “rational.”

    Tyler Hayes´s last post was… Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Internet

  • http://www.junglejar.com Christopher Hennis

    ..and coming in 11th…

    Christopher Hennis´s last post was… Video Footage Of New Features For Vimeo In Development

  • http://www.seraphimcollective.com Seraphim Collective

    Congrats to all on the list!

    You might find that I’m pretty cool too. http://twitter.com/SeraphimChris ;)

  • http://twitter.com/carolannb CarolAnnB

    What a thoughtful list — thx 4 passing along the link 2 me! :)

  • http://twitter.com/multidesign Multidesign

    Follow me

  • http://www.bluewavemedia.ca Kimberly Beaven

    A great list of people indeed Andrew. These are a great bunch of folks who are consistently providing great information, resources and ideas.

    Kimberly Beaven´s last post was… links for 2009-02-22

  • http://www.twitter.com/cameronolivier Cameron

    Some great tweeps to follow here! :) I follow them all, and I second their awesomeness!!


    Cameron´s last post was… cameronolivier: RT @iamkhayyam: RT @bobbo0521: Retweeting @bluewavemedia: 10 Cool Tweeple in the Design Community http://ff.im/-1bwM3

  • http://chrisbrownlayouts.blogspot.com/ Ashton Woods

    Chris for president