10 Fantastic Christmas Inspired Tutorials

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It’s Christmas Time!

I absolutely love this time of year! I figured I’d help get everyone in the Christmas spirit by sharing some awesome Christmas related tutorials I’ve found. Have a look, I hope you enjoy them!

Abstract Christmas Wallpaper

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Creative Christmas Cards

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Christmas Greetings Postcard

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We Wish You A Merry Christmas Illustration

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How To Create a Glittery Christmas Card

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Drawing Christmas Trees

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Christmas Hat

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Christmas Ornament Balls

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How To Create Christmas Wallpapers or Backgrounds

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Christmas Tree

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I hope you find this list useful. Maybe it can help you put together some cool hand designed Christmas cards for your friends and family. Also, make sure to check out my Very Snowy Tutorial to learn some great techniques for making unique snowflakes.

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  • http://blog.clickpreston.com Preston Lee

    Someone just asked me to create some Christmas backgrounds for them and I was about to Google it to find tutorials but you’ve done the work for me here. Thanks for making my Christmas brighter! Great collection!

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  • http://rizwan.co.in/blog Rizwan

    Heyy thanks…planning to use the snowman in a mailer am sendinf out :D

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  • http://phiredesign.net AJ Troxell

    Great list of tutorials.

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  • http://www.1stwebdesigner.com 11 Useful Sources To Learn and Improve HTML Skills

    huh, it’s a pity I couldn’t make to this list with my Christmas inspired tutorial, but I like these ones..even better :)

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  • http://www.myinkblog.com Andrew Houle

    Glad you guys found the list so helpful! @1st Web Designer, I really like your tutorial as well! Here it is: http://www.1stwebdesigner.com/tutorials/beautiful-christmas-vision-tutorial-and-wallpaper/

  • http://www.psdfan.com Tom Ross

    Great roundup. Thanks for sharing these :)

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  • Tanaka13 – Créations du Net

    nice roundup!

  • http://10steps.sg Johnson Koh

    Nice list here :D Like the Glittery Christmas Card tut.

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    Great list. Thanks for collection !

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    ugh Christmas.. LOL

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  • http://bestxmasever.com steven

    Nice! i`ll be stopping by from time to time ;)

  • http://desktopsmania.blogspot.com/ Desktopsmania

    best cool wallpaper for christmas.

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  • http://ads-revolution.blogspot.com mercon

    wow nice wallpaper for christmas.

  • http://realhomeimprovement.blogspot.com Jakk Bloggs

    Awesome :) Thank you! Can add some festive spirit to my blog now ;)

  • http://www.vbknowledgebase.com/?Id=107&Desc=Asp-.Net-Ajax-AutoComplete-Textbox-with-Database Autocomplete Textbox

    Drawing Christmas Trees looks nice. All the pictures are organized nicely.

  • http://www.darcva.com Kamila – Darc Vanilla Design

    Great tuts! Especially Christmas Tree looks tempting to make ;) Merry Christmas Everybody :)

  • http://www.carpcgadgets.com/?Id=12&Desc=Double-Din-Navigation Double Din Navigation

    Christmas Wallpaper looks attractive, is it because of Christmas season

  • http://www.comdata.com fleet card

    hey thanks for the list you’ve made! i can use some of these for my new years cards. Thx!

  • http://www.carpcgadgets.com/?Id=12&Desc=Double-Din-Navigation Double Din Navigation

    All the cards are looking nice, how are you making them. Any tutorial for that.