22 Elegant and Cool Designs of Retro Logos

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Logo of a company is extremely important for every enterprise, as it is the symbol through which the viewers can identify the brand with ease. It is a very important facet of creating brand awareness, thus the entrepreneurs need to pay due attention to this facet of company promotion. The logo of a company should be unique and stylized in a manner that it’s attractive and draws the attention of viewers.

The designers often opt for retro style while designing the logo as the vintage font styles are unique and with the use of certain contemporary techniques a different look can be adapted that will result in developing an exclusive company logo. Creating a vintage style logo is not at all an easy task as the designers need to make sure that the logos are stylish and not unpleasant or too cheesy. The graphic designers have many tools at their disposal which if exploited in the right way can create an alluring logo. In this particular logo style a range of colors can be used to make it appear really attractive.

We have shortlisted 22 of the most unique retro style creative logos in this write-up with the aim of inspiring graphic designers. Study these examples carefully to understand the approach that has been employed to give a modern and chic look to the retro font style.

1. MTV Logo

MTV Retro Logo


Old School Gym – Specialists in Contact Sports.

La Fabrica Gym Retro Logo

3. Reforger


Reforger Films Retro Logo


4. Dockside

Logo for a local window washer.

Dockside Retro Logo


5. Red Earth

Red Earth Retro Logo

6. Shopaholla

Identity (Logo and Secondary Marks) for Shopaholla, a fabricator of high-end E-Commerce Websites.

Shopaholla Retro Logo

7. Need more time

Need More Time Retro Logo


Swedish rap-musician Houman Sebghati runs his own record label Jerusalem Records.

Jerusalem Records Retro Logo

9. Palmetto Coast Media

Logo design for a video editing company.

Palmetto Coast Media Retro Logo

10. Sunny Side Up

Sunnny Side Up Retro Logo

11. Sanjo Logo

Sanjo Retro Logo

12. Wine

Logo for the store of rare wines.

Retro Wine Logo

13. Guanacos

Logo created for the Brazilian adventure group Guanacos. The diversity of colors represents all the challenges they find in their way. The young guanaco is looking up to the sky just like he’s looking for some adrenaline!


Retro Guanacos Logo

14. Symbol

Researched quite a bit on the meaning of the various symbols from that culture and thought the eagle was meaningful, relevant and allowed a recognizable logo.Symbol Retro Logo

15. Secret Wales Promotions

Secret Wales Promotions Retro logo design.

Retro Logo Secret Wales Promotions

16. Bacon Biz

Logo for an organization specializing in motivating Small Business.

Retro Logo Bacon Biz

17. Rikartdo Retro Logo

Rikartdo Retro Logo

18. Power plant

Retro Logo Powerplant

19. Honks Cream

A new rock/metal band. Made them a retro badge logo.


Honks Cream Retro Logo

20. Retro Effect Logo

This photo was taken on January 7, 2011.

Retro Affect Logo

21. The Vintager

The Vintager Retro Logo

22. Toadking

Retro Logo Toadking

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