25 High Resolution Roof Tile Textures

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Textures are an important component of website design. An attractive texture is a useful base upon which the content as well as other aspects of a website can be easily integrated. Most importantly textures help save valuable time.

Designers have the option to choose from readily available texture designs or creating their own textures which requires a lot of extra time. Easily downloadable texture designs from the Internet are a blessing for many. Many themes of background textures are available, and today we’re looking roof textures of different patterns and diverse colors.

In this write up we have shared 25 attractive roof themed textures that you can use in your upcoming projects, which are handpicked to be high resolution.

1. Bavarian Roof

This lovely German wooden roof tile photo was taken by Flick user Dietmar Down Under in Munich.

Bavarian roof texture

2. Red Tile Roof by Clarita

Red tile roof texture by Clarita

3. Clay Tile Roof Texture

Tilted clay tile roof texture from deviantART in 3593×2357 resolution.

Clay Tile Roof Texture

4. Tiled Roof Texture

Worn and aged roof texture from Szentendre, Hungary.

Tiled roof texture

5. Slate Roof

This photo is from Talló, taken in Catalonia, Spain.

Slate roof texture

6. Symmetrical Roof Tiles

This beautiful patterns is from a cathedral in Vienna by deviantART user ~jaqx-textures, in 1600×1188 resolution.

Symmetrical roof tile texture

7. Bumpy Roof Texture by Taliesin

Brown Roof Texture

8. Lichen Roof Tiles Texture

Lichen Roof Texture

9. Prague Roof by Federico Sassi

This photo was taken on April 28, 2008 using a Fujifilm Fine Pix S5600.

Diamond tile roof texture

10. Frosty Shingles

Roof Shingles on a cold morning.

Frosty roof texture

11. Cedar Roof Dark

I would be uneasy standing under this old collapsing roof. From deviantART in 3648×2432 resolution.

Cedar roof texture

12. Ancient Roof

Beautiful photo taken by Stefano Dellepiane in Tuscany, Italy. The orange old mold meets with new green growth.

Ancient Roof Texture

13. Dippy Roof

Dippy roof texture

14. Beaver’s Tails Roof Tiles

This clay-made style is called “beaver’s tails”, and originates from Southern Germany. Biberschwanz is the local name.

Beaver's tails roof texture

15. Rusty Tin Roof

This photo was taken on May 13, 2008 using a Nikon D40.

Rusty tin roof texture

16. Roof By photojock

Roof Texture

17. Roof Tiles by Focx Photography

This photo was taken on November 10, 2009 using an Olympus E-620.

Tile Roof Texture

18. Snoopy’s Roof

This rich red wooden roof tile photo was taken by Phillip Winn in California.

Red wood roof texture

19. Roof by Hepp

This photo was taken on August 14, 2004 using a Canon Power Shot A80.

Orange tile roof texture

20. Old Roof Tiles

Old roof tile texture

21. Italian Roof Tiles

Rooftop of an Italian house by Collin Key.

Italian Roof Tile texture

22. Seamless Roof Tiles

Seamless Roof Tile Texture

23. Roof by Gargamelix

Red metal roof tile texture

24. SQLCruise Textures

This photo was taken on May 28, 2012 using a Sony DSC-HX200V.

Hay roof texture

25. Slate Roof Tiles

Gray slate roof tile texture

Hope these high resolution roof textures are useful to you.

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