5 Reasons to Subscribe to Design Blogs

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Where to Begin: Some Quick Resources

If you are unfamiliar with RSS feeds be sure to check out whatisrss.com to learn all about them. Then grab a feed reader and start subscribing :) Specky Boy has a good post that offers his opinion of the Top 10 Web Based RSS Readers for you to use.


My RSS feed reader is stocked with 100’s of feeds from the design community. The articles that fill my reader, inspire me, teach me, and keep me up to date with the latest in the design community. It has become instrumental to helping me grow and keep up to date with this quickly changing field.


Freelance graphic designer Tim Smith was kind enough to put together this list of 5 reasons why you will benefit from subscribing to design blogs.

Unfortunately, some people have stayed away from subscribing to design blogs. They fail to see their importance and how they will benefit from them. This post will offer you five reasons why you should subscribe start subscribing.

1. Useful Information on the Industry

rss-and-coffee2Many design blogs offer articles and updates on software, conferences, tutorials, how-to’s, and the list goes on. For the start up designer and the experienced one, this increases your knowledge of the ever growing design industry.


2. Connect With Other Creatives

people-on-macsI subscribe to many blogs and most of my contacts I have are designers that either comment on blogs or write for them. You can link to their site, view their portfolio and find inspiration. This brings us to number three.


3. Get Inspired

ideaMany design blogs will showcase work from a designer and others will list their favorite inspiration websites. This is extremely helpful because we all need some inspiration and ideas from time to time. It’s impossible to be creative all the time.


4. Freebies!!

freeMost design blogs will give away free stuff. You’re probably asking yourself. Really? Free? Yup, Free! Some will give away vectors, wordpress themes, website templates, icon sets and a lots of other cool stuff. Some blogs will even let you submit your own freebies. This will give you exposure.


5. Exposure

trafficIf you ever decide to submit either your work or an article, this will now showcase you to the blog’s substantial readership. The article will always link back to your site, which will increase your traffic and hopefully your clients.


Final Thoughts

I hope you have found this post useful and that you’ll consider subscribing to this blog and many others. Grant over at Colorburned provides an awesome list of “127 RSS Feeds That All Designers Should Subscribe To”. It’s a great resource that will definitely get you started. The bottom line is that there will always be something that we don’t know and that we can find useful.

About the Author

Tim Smith is a music loving designer and blogger. He's passionate about design and the web; constantly trying to learn new things for his benefit and that of others. He's currently experimenting with "Art Direction" on his personal site; something you should really take a look at.

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  • http://www.buildinternet.com Zach Dunn

    I used to have way too many bookmarks before I started using RSS to actively follow niche blogs. The best part was figuring out who the big names were, and then following them too. It does help to motivate active participation in the blogs more too.

    Now after starting a blog of my own, I’m seeing the other end of the spectrum. I love it when people discover other great niche blogs, even if only in parts, through the site.

    Nice post Tim!

    Zach Dunn´s last post was… Quick Tip – Consistent Border Weight in Internet Explorer

  • http://www.timothybsmith.com Tim Smith

    Great ideas Zach! Thanks

  • http://phiredesign.net AJ Troxell

    Great reasons. Although it is time well spent, this is how I use the largest portion of my personal time in a day, I open my RSS Reader and scan through all of the great new content. Great post!

    AJ Troxell´s last post was… How To Make Your Own Wall Decals

  • http://www.logodesignguru.com/case_studies/Logo-design-Case-Studies1.asp LOGO DESIGN GURU

    great list of examples. I would agree with all of your reasons. You can’t always learn from yourself, it is a much better experience to learn from others. Thanks

  • http://www.egracecreative.com Brandon Cox

    I used to try to read everything – now I minimize all titles in Reader – if a title catches my attention, I read it. Otherwise, I just mark it as read. I can go through 100 articles in just a couple of minutes and bookmark (delicious) the stuff I might reference later. So jump in – it isn’t as overwhelming as you would think it would be.

    Brandon Cox´s last post was… People Follow People

  • http://www.multidesign.com.mk Multidesign

    I folow 20 design blogs on RSS :)

  • http://www.sidelanes.com John

    Cool, thanks for the post!

    John´s last post was… A designer walks into a psychiatrists office…

  • http://www.crearedesign.co.uk Danielle Ingram

    I think that particularly in the business of design it is so important to look for inspiration from alternative sources.

    It can be so easy to get stuck in a rut and even if trawling the net brings up one tiny little detail that you like, that could make a difference if applied to your designs, whether on a website or otherwise, it is worth while.

    Danielle Ingram´s last post was… Google One-Line Sitelinks – May 9, 2009