7 High Resolution Stone Textures

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These texture are available under the creative commons license. Please do not repackage, redistribute or direct link to the download. If you would like to share these textures please link back to this page.

I took these images on a recent trip I took to Bangladesh. They are available for download at a nice high resolution of 3008×2000. I hope you find some good uses for them in one of your next designs.

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Stone Texture 1

Stone Texture 2

Stone Texture 3

Stone Texture 4

Stone Texture 5

Stone Texture 6

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Kawsar Ali is a web designer, graphic designer, and wannabe photographer based in NY. He’s also the creator of Desizn Tech, a website to find web design, photography and tech related resources. If you’d like to connect with him, you can follow him on Twitter.

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  • http://texturezine.com/ Texturezine

    Very nice textures. Thanks

  • http://xpirtdesign.com Xpirt Design

    Great textures thanks for sharing.

  • http://psd-tutorial.com/ Albert Lie

    That’s very nice! It will be useful, especially for one of featured tutorial in my blog. http://psd-tutorial.com/how-to-make-planet/ This tutorial need high resolution textures.

  • http://resourcehive.com JC

    Thanks these are some really nice and useful textures.

    I featured them on my blog @ http://resourcehive.com/2010/02/16/my-ink-blog-7-high-resolution-stone-textures/

  • http://www.migratedesign.com Laurent Jouvin

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing those Kawsar.

  • http://kbdesign.bdl.pl/ KBDesign

    Awesome textures! Thanx for sharing.

  • http://www.redapplehost.com RedWebdesign

    Thanks for sharing this awesome textures.

  • http://exmmedia.com Web Design

    Awesome textures
    thanks for the share bro

  • http://www.timbonder.com Tim

    Great textures. I’ll be releasing stone textures soon. Be sure to check out my great beach stock photos when you get a chance!

  • http://www.dirspice.com DirSpice

    i am looking for some wooden based textures… anyone ?

  • http://www.forexdatatoday.com/ Kevin Wirsing

    you are very talented.

  • http://www.beauchampwebdesign.co.uk Beauchamp Web design

    cool stone textures, will definitely be using these at some point