8 Designers Who Never Fail to Inspire

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8 Designers Who Never Fail to Inspire


As creative people we are always looking for that spark of energy or that person who’s work never fails to get our heads thinking in a new and more creative direction. I have profiled eight people/design groups who I always look towards for inspiration with both product and graphic design.

1. Daniel Eatock

Daniel EatockDaniel Eatock is a London Based graphic designer, originally from Bolton. He works under the banner of Eatock ltd. He has worked for major companies such as Channel 4 and the New York Times. His work evolves from a small self initiated brief on his website to being featured in gallery exhibitions.

Works of Daniel Eatock

Daniel Eatock

2. Ross Lovegrove

ross-lovegrove130Ross Lovegrove describes himself as more of an “evolutionary biologist,” than a designer. He creates form and shape in design, with the use of today’s digital technologies and manufacturing techniques. He has worked alongside many large companies from Apple Computers to Olympus.

Works of Ross Lovegrove

Ross Lovegrove

3. Jonathan Ive

Jonathan IveMost famous for his work with Apple computers, Jonathan Ive has worked for Apple since 1992. There he has elevated himself to vice-president of industrial design. At Apple computers many people single him out as a significant piece of the puzzle in making Apple the dominant force in the market they are today. He has helped create products such as the iMac, Powerbook G4 and iPod, all of which have brought great success to Apple. His work with the iMac brought colour and vibrancy to a then bland and colorless desktop computer market, the use of transparency in the materials used also meant that Apple gave time, effort and thought to the internal components which previously had never been done. The iPod has since grown to be such an iconic piece of design taking influence from the Sony Walkman and Dieter Ram’s work. All these great elements of design were brought together in one minimal, simplistic, sexy white pocket box.

Works of Jonathan Ive

Jonathan Ive

4. Naoto Fukasawa

Naoto FukasawaNaoto Fukasawa is a Japanese born designer from whom i discovered after admiring his work on fruit juice packaging. He has since worked in the USA and after many years there returned home to Japan where he works more independently. His work is highly celebrated and he has won over 50 awards.

Works of Naoto Fukasawa

Works of Naoto Fukasawa

5. Ara Peterson

Ara PetersonAra Peterson is an American artist, the first of his works i found to love was his work “tube.” The work is three dimensional and static, but it gives off the impression of movement and optical illusions. The repetition of his work is the key in creating its effect. He uses modern technologies such as laser cut wood, which is assembled in series.

Works of Ara Peterson

Works of Ara Peterson

6. Alberto Seveso

Alberto SevesoAlberto Seveso is an Italian Graphic Designer/Illustrator, Alberto’s unique style will awe and captivate you. It brings together such great elements intertwining them into wonderful works of illustration and graphic art.

Works of Alberto Seveso

Works of Alberto Seveso

7. Seymour Powell

Seymour & PowellSeymour Powell is one of the world’s leading design and innovation companies. Founded in 1984, the London based group of designers has produced some of the ‘milestone’ products of the las two decades. They have an absolute commitment to creating better products: for people, business, better for the world. This discipline is applied to any design challenge they undertake; from cars to bras, mobile phones to riding saddles, consumer packaging to domestic appliances and spaceships to handmade luggage.

Works of Seymour Powell

Works of Seymour & Powell

8. Graham Smith

Graham SmithGraham Smith is a logo designer, with over 20 years of commercial experience in the design industry. He works freelance and in logo and brand identity design. I have admired his work for a few months now and really love his dedication to simplicity and clean design. His poster design series offers up a sarcasm and humorous look at some aspects of design which really appeals to my sense of humor.

Works of Graham Smith

Works of Graham Smith

Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading this post. Who inspires you? Drop us a comment below.

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Jared Thompson is a keen product and graphics designer. His strengths are his ability to produce high quality work from graphics software like Photoshop. He has a great eye for detail and understands how an image should be presented in its best quality. He has a passion for the works and designers of the Bauhaus movement and strongly believes that ‘less is more.’ Jared is currently studying Product Design at the Northern School of Design.

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  • http://www.wefunction.com liam

    Fantastic post Jared, very nice images that you shared and it’s nice to have my eyes opened to some talent I’ve not come across before. Thanks!
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    Nice work on gathering these elites here!

  • http://www.fivefingercoding.com Chet Garrison

    Thanks for the inspirational list of designers. It’s always great to read about talented people, you never know what will spark an idea for yourself.
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  • http://woodmarvels.com Jon

    Very good list, many of these guys I never heard about but had seen their work.

    Jon @ WoodMarvels.com

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    Nice list, with some very nice work!

    The link for Jonathan Ive doesn’t seem to work though.
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  • http://www.get-sorted.net/ Catherine Cantieri, Sorted

    This is some really beautiful work, but I have to agree with Kat that it’s disappointing to see only men listed.
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  • http://fuelyourblogging.com Tim Smith

    What an awesome post! I really love the work of Graham Smith. He’s such a talented designer. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • http://boxedindesign.com Ken Styles – deskofken

    Nice work putting the list of talents together. I was talking to someone last night about the difference between commercial grade designers and others known for their viral branding. Interesting.
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  • http://www.weboword.com Aakanksha Gaur

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  • http://www.conceptopixel.com Luis Lopez

    Alberto Seveso and Fabio Sasso (Abduzeedo) Always inspires me.

    Grat works and great designers.

  • http://robertoblake.com/ Roberto Blake

    Great post, these designers are among some of my own pantheon for inspiration, especially Graham Smith, I’m surprised however that Peter Jaworowski didn’t make this list.
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    I think i’m only one who thinks Graham Smith And Jonathan Ive shouldn’t be in the same list…

    Good work on the list nevertheless a couple names i haven’t heard of before.

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    Great people to know and get inspired, thanks for the post…
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    I’d say Maurice Binder, Saul Bass, Milton Glaser, Erik Spiekerman, Zuzana Licko and Neville Brody, but I guess maybe I’m a bit ‘old school’

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    A terrific selection – boy is there talent in this world!!

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    U missed Dennis Hwang… The man behind google doodle..

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    I liked the title you have provided to your article, its very suitable. All the eight designers are outstanding and surely an inspiration to all but my personal favorite is Jonathan Ive, and yes the credit of Apple being so famous all around the world does go to him.

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    Wow, thanks for organizing this collection of works from some of the best products and graphics designers from all over the world. The old Apple computer displayed under Jonathan Ive’s works really caught my attention since I still got one that’s exactly the same lying around in my room up to now (hopefully still in good running condition). Just imagine how old it is now compared to the many new and advanced models that are now out in the market! haha :-)

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    You know you can compile a list of female designers your selfs if you want to… this has nothing to do with sexism. Just good design. I never notice if a designer is male or female (at least when looking at good design)… dont start a sexism debate..

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