A Collection of 20 Stunning Nature Inspired Desktop Backgrounds

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Desktop backgrounds are a huge source of inspiration for me. I’m constantly changing mine in an effort to keep things fresh, and keep my creativity flowing. Because of my quasi-obsessive behavior and all the cool wallpaper and photography sites out there, I’ve developed quite a large library of photos.

I thought I’d share some of my favorites here, check out this stunning collection of nature inspired backgrounds!

Autumn Sunshine


Framing the Sky


Rocky Beach


A Snowy Day


Landscape 7


Fields of Gold


Oirase Gorge


Spring Wheat


Barn to be Wild


Ghost Fog


Lazy Days II


Drops of Rain


Grass Rainstorm


First of May


Great Falls


Upcoming Fog Highway


Jungle Dreaming


Man Of War, Lulworth




Milos Island, Greece


Wallpaper Sites

All of these wallpapers were found at the following sites.

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  • http://www.crearedesign.co.uk Michael Angrave

    Wow, these are stunning!

    From a graphic design point of view, great photography means so much. Trying to make great compositions with amateur photography makes the job so much harder if not impossible.
    .-= Michael Angrave´s last blog ..Googles tools for web designers =-.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/danielgilles/ Tanaka13 – Créations du Net

    A great collection over there! really inspirative and beautiful ones!
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  • http://alian.info alian

    Very nice!
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  • http://www.sitesketch101.com Nicholas Z. Cardot

    I really like the texture on the road in Landscape 7 and the barn in Barn to be Wild. Nice collection!
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    Cool wallps, thanks for sharing!
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    Wow… breathtaking

  • http://www.nouveller.com/ Benjamin Reid

    These are absolutely awesome. Love them all.
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  • http://www.myinkblog.com Andrew Houle

    I’m glad to hear you folks are enjoying these as much as I do!

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    These backgrounds are amazing! Thanks for posting on your blog! :)
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    In one of the blogs I was reading about creative block and I think these desktop backgrounds can simply serve as a solution.

    Thanks for sharing them.
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  • http://www.blog.exxcorpio.com Luis Lopez

    Excellent collection i like the one called oirase gorge, great picture, this kind of images make me go on travel.
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  • http://www.ivanizm.net â—„IVANâ–º

    1st Of May is wonderful :)

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    Very cool desktop backgrounds! I like the “Silence” background, it is so great!
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  • http://psdlearning.com Ross

    very nice :)

    Thank you
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  • http://www.cleverdaisies.com Cleverdaisies

    Beautiful collection. Thank you for sharing!

  • lily

    it’s amazing how fantastic the colors are. I’m just sitting here like “WOW! HOW?!”

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    very nice wallpapers
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    Most of them seem to have a lot of Photoshop intererence but they are perfect for wallpaper :)

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    Thanks for such a beautiful wallpapers

  • http://hotwallpapers.ws hot wallpapers

    hello Andrew,
    i myself running a wallpapers website but as i am one of nature wallpapers fans, i am stuned after looking at these awsome wallpapers, all of them are really mystical piece of photography..

    many thanks for sharing!


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    ohh good ..all are nice collection

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  • pou

    beautiful picz love it^^,