China is well known for its distinctive architecture; it is a huge part of its civilization.

The wood frameworks used by the Chinese are unique and bring out the elegance in most of their constructions. These architectural pieces reflect, in some way, the ethical and aesthetic standards of the Chinese people, as well as borrowed designs using materials, like Orac Decor USA.

The motivation behind many architectural pieces in China is their cultural traditions and the featured several characteristics that they include in most of their designs. The most amazing Chinese architecture is meant to highlight their imperial power and their adherence to the strict social status.

The best examples of the breathtaking pieces are found in forbidden cities and palaces in China. The main thing that is majorly stressed in these pieces of art is the overall beauty of the final outcome, together with its axial layout pattern.

Categories of Major Architectural Pieces in China

The architectural pieces can be broken down into categories. These may include:

  • Imperial places
  • Religious temples
  • Ancient gardens
  • Tombs and ordinary ethnic residences.

As time has passed, most of these categories have been modified to bring out a state of the art architectural designs never seen before. This article will go into details in the imperial architecture category.

The Imperial Architecture

The imperial architecture is mainly composed of state of the art modernized buildings and palaces that were built for ancient emperors. The construction of these imperial places is arranged in a very strict manner. The ancient palaces had their roofs painted in gold – as a way of showing the royal sovereignty presence in that building.

Another outstanding architectural piece is the Forbidden City which is also known as the imperial palace. This building served as the palace for two ancient kings, and it oozed the outstanding power of imperial architecture.

Forbidden City in China

In modern times, the Chinese architecture has grown to much higher levels. An example is the Beijing Tianzi Hotel. This building is designed to resemble three mythical Chinese gods – which has won the building numerous awards as the ugliest building. Despite this title, the building has been able to receive huge attention from all over the world due to the apt design.

As part of their culture, a Chinese liquor company designed a building that resembles the bottle of their drink. It’s attracting numerous tourists who flock in to view the amazing architectural work put into the design.
The Wuliangye factory created the skyline building to be a replica of their liquor bottle – very creative.

Looking at the buildings in China, one cannot cease to gasp at the incredible architectural designs that most of these buildings have been build from.