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Blake works at YouDesignIt.com where you can print and design t-shirts. He has been doing this gig for quite some time and feels that wearing a t-shirt to work everyday is the best perk. :)

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Questions To Ask For 4-Color T-Shirt Printing

Have you ever cranked out a t-shirt design for a client or yourself, only to find out the printer does not do 4-color process printing? If this has happened to you, you were probably left with a lot of lost hours without much to show for it. We want to clear that up for you and provide you with the information to avoid the same problem next time.

23 Great Apparel Related Design Articles

We’ve gathered 23 of the best apparel related design articles so you can find everything in one place. These articles can serve as sources of inspiration, tutorials, and apparel related resources centered on design. This post was put together with a bookmark in mind.

Logo Design With Apparel In Mind

Designing a logo can be a very difficult challenge whether it be for yourself or for a client. There are quite a few guidelines that you have to stay within to ensure that your design captures the brand’s identity. Some of the more obvious parameters include theme, tone, message, colors, size, etc.