About Jared Thompson

Jared Thompson is a keen product and graphics designer. His strengths are his ability to produce high quality work from graphics software like Photoshop. He has a great eye for detail and understands how an image should be presented in its best quality. He has a passion for the works and designers of the Bauhaus movement and strongly believes that ‘less is more.’ Jared is currently studying Product Design at the Northern School of Design.

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Advertising on Your Website – Considerations & Advice

Should you sell advertising space? There is no right or wrong answer to that question, ultimately you have control on what advertisements are shown, but will advertising turn off some of your readers? Before you jump into anything, it’s a good idea to ask these sorts of questions. Here are some things you should consider before you make that jump.

Find Your Favorite Design Communities on Facebook

Facebook, your parents are now on it, and maybe even your grandparents too! Proving to have staying power, Facebook towers over the demise, and eroding of previous contender Myspace. Facebook has many interactive features, and various functions we can all take advantage of.

What Has Twitter Done For Me?

Twitter is a form of social networking, communication, promotion and news site all under one banner. As long as what you have to say is under 140 characters you can pretty much say what you want. There is no censorship, and increasing the number of followers only goes to expand the number of people your message is going to reach.

8 Designers Who Never Fail to Inspire

As creative people we are always looking for that spark of energy or that person who’s work never fails to get our heads thinking in a new and more creative direction. I have profiled eight people who I always look towards in inspiration for both product and graphic design.