About Mel Ndiweni

Based in london, I’ve always had a keen aesthetic eye, spent my youth forever drawing and sketching.What began, way back when, as an early interest in photoshop 7, has now spiralled and involved into a superior command of Adobe Photoshop, In-Design, Illustrator, Flash and Dreamweaver. I now run with my partner Acuity Designs, which we freelance through. Acuity Designs is an energetic partnership, offering graphic design, illustration and web development services to both public and private clients throughout the UK. The company, which is based in London, began commissioned work in 2007. My interests at this current time, center around logo/branding and photography.

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Photoshop Adjustment Layer & Retouching Tutorial

Mel over at Acuity Designs was kind enough to lend some time and write this guest tutorial here. It covers the basics of how to utilize Photoshop adjustment layers. This is a non-destructive, flexible way of making adjustments to your photography.