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50 Amazing 3D Chalk Sidewalk Art Images from Julian Beever

For those of you who have been living under a rock, Julian Beever is the street artist who turns normal city streets into amazing works of art. With life-sized crabs, holes where you fall to your death and underground water tunnels as just some of the art he’s painted, I thought it’d be a great […]

Found on Flickr: 100 Amazing Office Work Spaces (Photos)

From time to time we all like to have some change in our lives (I like change a lot actually) so I figured that today we’d go over some images I found on Flickr recently while doing my normal browsing. I am putting together a list here of 100 awesome images of office workspaces that […]

Top 10 Ways to Make Money from Your Blog

Interested in how to make money from your blog? Well, making money blogging is DEAD! I’m sure you’ve heard that before, right? Just like we’ve heard that this industry or that industry is dead and it’s time to move on. Well, I can assure you that making money from your blog is getting easier and […]

Best Designs: 100 WordPress Powered Websites

One of the biggest CMS’ in the world is WordPress, and rightfully so. Today we’re going to cover some of the coolest and most creative WordPress powered websites, most of which you wouldn’t even believe could be powered by WordPress. In the past, WordPress was used for blogging only, but when you look over this […]

Textures in Web Design – Examples and Best Practices

When you hear someone say ‘textures in web design’ what is the first thing you think of? Do you picture the heavy textured websites that resemble a grunge band or do you think of the light textures that often occupy the retro styled websites? Whatever answer you chose, you’re right. Textures in web design range […]

Design Trends: 25 Awesome iPhone & iPad App Website Designs

Mobile is blowing up. O.K., maybe it’s already blown up and I’m just a bit behind the times, but regardless of my lack of technical savvy, mobile apps make up a huge market and today I want to look over one of the most recent trends I’ve seen in web design – iPhone and iPad […]

7 Benefits of Having a Professional Website Design

People visit your site and immediately make a decision on if it’s a place they’re going to spend time (and money) at, or if they’re going to lump you in with the millions of other sites that look just like yours and move on to something else.