About Tom Walker

Tom is a writer and designer from the UK who works with a supplier of genuine Epson ink, toner, paper and printing accessories. You can read more of his writing on their blog, the CreativeCloud.

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The Icon Designer’s Toolkit

The icon designer need not be weighed down by the contents of his or her toolkit. A combination of three or four good-quality tools is sufficient for producing sleek, polished and professional icons that will help users navigate their way around computers and the web.

8 Pivotal Developments in Web Typography

The world is full of stunning, unusual and powerful fonts. We see them in newspapers, magazines, on TV and on billboards, but rarely on websites. Website authors are still very much limited to using the 10 or so fonts that are supported on computers around the world.

20 Stunning Photoshop Brushes

Finding Photoshop brushes on the internet isn’t hard; there are loads and loads available. Finding ones that are good quality and suited to your needs is rather more difficult. Fear not! We’ve done the hard work for you by trawling through literally hundreds and hundreds of examples, to find the best brushes available today.