Big Typography Poster: Contest Winners!

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First off, thanks to everyone who submitted a poster design. You made this contest awesome, and really difficult to judge :) I know both Liam of Function and Adelle of Fuel Your Creativity agreed, it was really tough to narrow it down! But we did our best, and here are the results:

First Place

Congrats to AJ Troxell for this first place design. I love the colors and texture of this piece! The lighting on the text is gorgeous. Beautiful work.

First Prize

Second Place

2nd place features the work of the very talented David Leggett of Tutorial 9 fame. This design is well-thought out. The type and colors are visually striking.

Second Prize

Third Place

Kyle Steed offers up an awesome design centered around the eternity theme. He uses just the right amount of texture and grunge to set off the vector symbols. Brilliant work.

Third Prize

That’s It

Congratulations, to the winners. I will be getting in touch with you via Flickr mail to help you redeem your prizes from our awesome sponsors. Thanks, so much to everyone who participated, I wish I could have picked a top 50!

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  • Tom Sinclair

    Congratulations to the winners. Some great entries for the competition!

  • Anca Foster

    Awesome! Congrats, guys! :)

  • Adelle

    Congrats to everyone! This was seriously such a hard contest to judge – amazing talent out there.

    Adelle´s last post was… Interview with Jessa Hora

  • Franz Jeitz

    Congrats to the winners! Though I must say I’m a bit sad not to have won. Can’t wait for the next contest. Keep it up Andrew!

    Franz Jeitz´s last post was… Massive Giveaway: 1000 free business cards from UPrinting

  • kyle steed

    Andrew, Adelle and Liam,

    Thank you so much for choosing one of my designs. I look forward to the next contest.

    kyle steed´s last post was… one year blogiversary

  • liam

    This is a very impressive competition, I was impressed with the level of quality of the work, I’m sure everyone can understand how much of a challenge this was, but in the end I’m happy at the winners we’ve chosen. Good work to everyone involved, especially you Andrew :)

    liam´s last post was… Brazen; A versatile WordPress theme for the veteran-blogger as well as any beginner.

  • Dani McDaniel

    Congrats to all the winners! :)

    Dani McDaniel´s last post was… Do you Tweet?

  • Wes Wilson

    What incredible work! Congratulations to everyone!

  • Max | Design Shard

    Good job all, some awesome entries, Congrats to the winners, so whens the next competition, Andrew? hehe.

    Max | Design Shard´s last post was… Highlight WordPress Category when on a Single Post: Tutorial

  • Ginger

    Congrats everyone! I’m glad I wasn’t a judge. Thanks again for running such a fun contest.

  • David Leggett

    Outstanding contest! Thanks for hosting it Andrew :) It was fun being a part of it!

    David Leggett´s last post was… What Is Simple? Premium WordPress Theme Contest Winners!

  • Angie Bowen

    Congratulations to the three winners, you guys did some amazing work. It was a great contest, thanks so much for hosting it Andrew!

    Angie Bowen´s last post was… Ten Questions For Fuel Your Creativity’s Adelle Charles

  • Marco


    Congratulations to the winners! They’re really inspirational, just like the pool where all entries are submitted.

    It was really fun to create something for this contest, thank you for hosting it!


    Marco´s last post was… Unique website for your Digg updates

  • Octavian

    congrats to the winners. they truly and fully deserve the prizes!

  • Ziv Meltzer

    I actually liked the third place winner best, but they all look great!


  • Andrew Houle

    Thanks everyone for the support! This contest was a lot of fun to host. I’m thrilled with the participation and the talent that was shown. There are so many talented designers out there; I was truly inspired.

    @Max lol, hopefully soon. I need a little time and a new milestone to hit!

  • Jay

    Fantastic work you three! The winning entries look spectacular.
    I can imagine how tough it must’ve been for the judges as well, but a great result in the end. *claps*

    All of the entries looked fantastic. I say everyone’s a winner (hurraah!)


  • Bianca

    Congrats to the winners, nice work!

    Bianca´s last post was… A life update & free brushes.

  • Chris

    Hey I thought this was a big typography contest! #3 isn’t big! Lol jp. Gj


    The lighting and colours truly are a great choice!
    Leggett always seems to impress with his great work! Congrats to AJ, looks really nice!

  • AJ Troxell

    Thank you guys very much! I’m sorry if I have not recieved any emails from anyone, i recently cancelled my old domain and account. So I replied on flickr. Hope you hold another contest soon!

    Thank you again!

  • Andrew Houle

    @AJ Congrats! All the emails are taken care of, you should be hearing from the sponsors to help you receive your prizes w/in the next few days :)

  • Clint

    I hate to be the sour one, but did you just pick three entries randomly? I do not want to be disrespectful, and I didn’t enter anything myself, so I am not biased, but that first price is just … well not the best entry at all?
    There is no composition, and skill-wise it is nowhere close many of the other entries.

  • AJ Troxell

    What is the definition of skill? Skill only has meaning from those who define themselves as skillful, not those who are just doing what they do. I am taking no offense to what you have stated. I don’t speak of myself as a great designer and will in no way tell someone else how they should do things.

    This was a contest based on what the judges thought. Not if they would be taking it to a college art professor and asking them about the concept, the composition, the negative versus positive space and/or the purpose behind it. It’s simply an opinion based chosen winner in an online poster contest, nothing more, nothing less.

    Even if I hadn’t of won, i would still believe that your comment is uncalled for. When you run your own contest and you decide the winner then you can have control, and decide who used the best “composition,” but until then, regardless of the winner of any of this sites contests, let them decide and use their own judgement without any reason to justify it to you or anyone else.

    Again, I am eternally grateful for having won, and everyone has wonderful designs, but I would not be upset if anyone else had won and I came in dead last, for I think that regardless of what anyone else thinks, everyone in their own right is a genius at their design, my crap design for this poster might be the next big trend, or like most of the greatest design trends. They start out as some design or concept that people (majority of the time) think looks stupid or is just not what people want to see, and next thing you know, it’s everywhere. Web 2.0 anyone? Not long ago everything was grunge with cut up vintage posters and catch phrases, and then it was the aqua look with more glass reflextions than a christmas tree.

    Look at the design of this site, Andrew has made a very simple, very plain website using nothing but a color swatch and a brush, yet it is a greatly eye pleasing site that has everything most of us would need to keep us coming back.

    Have a contest, I’ll enter it, and you can have the joy of placing a design such as mine in dead last because it has no skill or composition.