Selling your home in Arizona should not be a complicated process as many customers are buying AZ homes. You simply need to know the process ahead of time so that you’re prepared for what is ahead.

Keep in mind that every state is different. This article will relate to the process in Arizona.

Step 1: Get your home ready to be sold

First, get your home ready to be sold. You can find many different lists and tips on getting your home prepared to show to prospective buyers, and your Real Estate Agent can help you as well. Have them go through the home with you and give you recommendations on what may improve the view to a prospective buyer.

Step 2: Begin the showing stage

You will now begin the showing stage of selling your home. Smart home sellers allow licensed agents to have access to the lockbox that allows easier showings so that you are likely going to get the maximum number of showings. Ask your agent to get feedback from the people that have seen the house so that if there is something that people are saying negative, you can make that change.

Step 3: Get an offer

Your agent will present the contract, the Loan Status Report, which tells you the prospective buyer has met with a lender and the preliminary qualifications have been met. Discuss the offer with your agent and decide whether you are going to reject, accept or counter offer the contract.

Once you have an agreement on a contract, the title will be opened by the buyer’s agent. The title company will begin the title process. The title company will send out documents to the buyer regarding HOA’s, Title information and CC&R’s.

Step 4: Home inspection

The buyer will likely have a home inspection done within the first ten days of an accepted contract. You must allow them to do their investigation by allowing them to access the home. The buyer’s lender will order an appraisal of the property unless the buyer is paying cash.

Before the inspection, you will have delivered an SPDS, or Sellers Property Disclosure Statement, to the buyer which contains the items that you know about the property. You must disclose everything honestly!

Step 5: Sign the final document

If all goes well, the process is completed, and it is time for you to sign the final documents at the Title Company and close on the property.

Remember, it is very competitive out there. Make your home stand out, price it well, and it will sell.