Italian Furniture

Italy is an Icon for design all over the world, weather it is cars, urban planning or furniture. People instantly relate the term luxury with Italian designed furniture.

The implementation of quality material and the elegant designs never seem “dated”. Brands such as Natuzzi Italia are now implementing modern technology while designing their works of art. The result is the integration of audio and electronic mechanisms into timeless furniture.

Italian Furniture in America

America’s love affair with Italian design seems endless. You don’t have to look far for fine Italian furniture. Italian furniture NJ is a great example. In New Jersey there are so many wonderful stores for Italian furniture that it’s like a wonderland for those who seek luxury.

We will mention some noteworthy establishments that sell fine Italian furniture, for the convenience of those interested in purchasing modern Italian furniture:

  1. Valitalia is one such establishment that boasts proudly that all their products are hundred percent Italian. They import their furniture directly from Italy and sell them in their stores. In doing so they illuminate the middle man. As a result high quality timeless Italian designed furniture comes directly to them, so that they are able to sell it at a reasonably lower cost than others.
  2. Michelangelo Designs is another place to get modern Italian furniture from. The furniture is kept in New Jersey for domestic sales and in Italy for international sales. They have wonderful benches, chairs, office tables and furniture for your bedroom, dining room, and a lot more.
  3. Fabio & Co. Italia Leather Interiors is a very highly recommended place to get furniture from if you love leather. They have 6 different grades of leather, 350 colors to choose from, and unlimited configuration. They also offer financing with a interest rate of 0% for up to twenty four months.
  4. Nino Madia Furniture & Design Co. is one of the largest showrooms available in the New Jersey area. They have a very beautiful collection with a range of vintage to modern furniture. The sales man there is Mr. Mario who has a lovely personality and knows a lot. He will be amazing help. The owner himself sometimes visits the house of the consumer who has purchased something from Nino Madia Furniture & Design to make sure that the consumer is satisfied with his or her purchase.
  5. Creative Furniture Galleries is another highly recommended establishment to buy your Italian furniture from. They have special offers and discounted prices on many of their products. If you would like affordable prices, then this is the place to go!

There are many more wonderful stores that are worth going. The list goes on.

The Michelangelo’s , Leonardo’s and Raphael’s of the world of furniture will definitely be found in modern day Italy. The work of great masters, however, is not exclusively available to Italians only. Great works of furniture art are near you. If one desires, he or she can decorate their home with treasures that reflect a rich heritage of tradition and a modern style.

Hopefully, this article has been helpful in aiding you in your search for excellence.