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The overall growth of MyInkBlog has exceeded any of my early expectations. I am overwhelmed by how robust and helpful the design community is. This is also a really exciting time for me personally, as I’ve accepted a new job as a web developer for Niagara University.

I wanted to use this post to announce some of the upcoming plans for MyInkBlog. Between a contest, some guest posts and a few site changes, things are really quite busy and exciting around here!

My First Contest!

I want to celebrate and thank the 700+ subscribers by running my very first design contest. The whole process is still at it’s early stages. However, I am hoping to get some really great sponsors to offer cool prizes.

More announcements will be forthcoming, but here’s the gist of it. The contest will entail designing a big typography poster using a quote as the starting point. Of course, I’m gonna keep the quote a secret for now (I gotta work up a little anticipation :) ), until we get a little closer to launching the contest. Judging by the design work in MyInkBlog Flickr group, the contest should receive some awesome entries.

The subject of big typography in design was covered a little in my “Big Typography Snowboarding Poster” tutorial and some of the posters shown in my “Creative and Unique Poster Designs” post.

Here Are Some Other Links To Get You Thinking

Hooray for Guest Posts!

I realize I sound a bit like a broken record, but the design community is filled with amazingly helpful and kind people. I’m going to be taking a much needed vacation from September 13th through September 20th. So I asked some of these remarkable people to lend a hand and within moments I had 4 guest post authors. Here’s the lineup thus far:

Adelle Charles – Fuel Your Creativity

Adelle’s blog is a constant source of inspiration! She is extremely active in the design community, and has been a huge help to me as I’ve gotten started. I’m really looking forward to seeing what she comes up with!

Liam McKay – Function

Liam is one of the most gifted designers in the community. His newest WordPress theme, Papercut is flat-out awesome. Liam’s perspectives are always fresh and unique.

Brian Lovin – Elite By Design

Brian puts together some of the best articles and roundups within the design community. Brian has a great feel for design and will add his brilliant perspective.

Angie Bowen – Arbent

Angie is super helpful and responsive. Her blog is still pretty new, but it’s gaining loyal readers daily. Arbent is a great resource for roundups, inspiration and design related news.

Max Stanworth – Design Shard

Max has burst onto the design community scene with top-notch tutorials, freebies and roundups. He is original, talented and helpful; look out for an awesome post!

Site News

I’m always trying to do small things to help the look and functionality of this blog. The main thing I’ve worked on the last couple of days is how the comments are displayed. I’ve alternated row colors to help readability. I’ve also added Gravatars to help identify who the commentors are. I love getting comments, so anything I can do to thank the people who leave them is cool with me.

What Else?

I have plenty of additional plans, but one of the more immediate things I want to do is to add an “About the Author” blurb at the end of each post. Hopefully this will be a decent thank you for the upcoming guest writers. Also, I’m always looking for other contributions, if you’d like to write a guest post or tutorial, I’d love to hear from you.

About the Author

Andrew is a primary contributer for MyInkBlog. He is a full time web developer for Niagara University. When he's not working there, he's a blogger, twitter'er, wordpress'er, silverstripe advocate, blessed father and husband.

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  • Max | Design Shard

    i cant wait, i love typography and have not had time to create my own poster yet, this will be a good chance to do it, also have a good holiday, thanks for mention

    Max | Design Shard’s last post was… Get web design ideas & inspiration from other designs – Brown

  • Jaswinder Virdee

    Congrats on he 700 subs, i mite even enter the contest. And i think its great your taking a break but still have quality authors. Looking forward to more great posts!

  • Angie Bowen

    I also can’t wait for the contest, I’ve really been getting into typography lately and will pretty much jump at any excuse to work with it more.

    And thanks for the lovely compliments, I hope my post can live up to My Ink Blog’s standards!

    Angie Bowen’s last post was… 30 Tutorials That Will Teach You InDesign

  • Andrew Houle

    @Max Thanks so much for the comment. I can’t wait to see the designs that will be submitted, I think this community will put together some awesome stuff. I really hope you get a chance to participate, I love your work.

    @Angie Can’t wait for your guest post! Thanks for helping, I’m sure it will be great.

  • Andrew Houle

    @Jaswinder Thanks! I hope you do end up joining the contest… it should be fun! And I’m already starting to get some get prizes lined up!

  • NaldzGraphics

    nice post Andrew. waiting for the contest coz i might join:)goodluck for this month.keep up the great work:)


    NaldzGraphics’s last post was… How to Create a Simple Face Text Portrait in Photoshop

  • A u d e e

    Andrew, Wow! Congrats to the +700 subscribers :D
    So excited to hear that you are going to celebrate it with a contest! really hope that I could join too and have fun to see the entries in advance…
    All the best for ya ;)

    A u d e e’s last post was… Graphic Methods in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 .NET Framework 3.5

  • Styletime

    Look forward to it Andrew might even have a go with my trusty old PS& ;) ;)

    700 subs! good work fella! An inspiration for all of us!

  • Nick | Resource Pile

    Sounds awesome, I love typography!

    Nick | Resource Pile’s last post was… Massive Wallpaper Roundup!

  • Dainis Graveris

    Congratulations! I might join too :) See you! *thumbs up

  • Andrew Houle

    Thanks guys! I’m loving the response to this contest so far… it should be good!

  • Tom Ross

    Can’t wait for this. Sounds like a great contest. If you like drop me and email and we can discuss a prize contribution from PSDFAN :)

    Tom Ross’s last post was… Creating Medusa With Photo Manipulation

  • http://www.fudgegraphics ferdinand | fudgegraphics

    same here. I’m really looking forward to the contest. Can’t wait to find out what quote you’re gonna use.