CushyCMS is Awesomely Simple

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Cushy CMS

If you’ve ever needed a simple content management system for one of your web clients, then you should definitely check out CushyCMS. It takes seconds to sign up for and within a couple minutes you can make portions of your site fully editable.

The process is real straight forward. You sign up, give your ftp info, direct which pages should be editable, and add the style (class=”cushycms”) to any css attributes that you want to be editable. Then you can edit those items, or setup an editor account for your client to log into so that he/she can edit content dynamically.

It’s real easy and the service is free. On the site they also have a video tutorial that walks you through everything to help you get started.

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  • Anja

    wow, that’s really easy, great! thank’s andrew, just what i was looking for for my customer!