Distributors and manufacturers undergo various challenges in the industrial space. Slow growing market slows down their distribution at their place of location.

Manufacturers and distributors need to concentrate on issues within their controls to cope up with the macro-economic for the world’s economy. Already much energy has been spent on e-commerce by industries, and more are expected to be spent in the future.

To ensure healthy competition among the distributing industries, the following has to be accomplished:

Live Your Brand

You need to know the measure of your performance. Get information from customers on how your brand is doing. Note that every distributor sells quality products. You need to understand the difference between you and your competitors. Distributors should sound like a commodity each one offer.

Collection of Distributor Information

You need to know more information about your customers. If your customers are retailers or wholesalers, learn more about your customers’ customers. What you need to concentrate on include:

  • Type of project they carry on.
  • Commodities they sell.
  • Some of the challenges to customers.
  • Customers key contacts.

This information helps you provide better services to the right people.


Generation of new management challenges for distributors and manufacturers is required. Make sure you don’t forget direct connection to customers estimating systems or purchasing. This can be achieved through:

  • Punch-outs
  • Marketplaces
  • Contractor estimating systems integration

Most distributors think E-business as an added cost. Some issues such as a local advertisement, content syndication and search engine optimization help in distribution.

Engage online shopping. Most buyers appreciate the convenience of shopping online. Buyers are doing product research on distributors website.

Supply Chain

A good supply chain collects proper information which can be tracked and analyzed. It becomes easier for you to point out possible inefficiencies and tweak the chain processes. This maximizes resources to the industry. It also helps with transportation into the warehouse system – one such being the gravity flow.

Smart devices have the ability to monitor some industry processes. Those processes include shipping times, product and partner reliability, quality of materials, energy consumption among others.

Deepening the Customer’s Relations

You have to value your customers. The high-valued customer should be handled with excellent services. Distributors should cement the relationships between them and their superior clients.

You should invest services and upgrades to enhance the buying experience for customers. Taking a short time to respond to those customers and information on new product feature are some of the improvements.

Distributors should look for ways to trim their costs even if the sales are slow. It makes cost efficient.

The points above can significantly improve your distribution trends in the future.