Find Your Favorite Design Communities on Facebook

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Find Your Favorite Design Communities on Facebook

Facebook, your parents are now on it, and maybe even your grandparents too! Proving to have staying power, Facebook towers over the demise, and eroding of previous contender Myspace. Facebook has many interactive features, and various functions we can all take advantage of. As design sites, we have all slowly migrated over to having our own Facebook fan pages, and this can prove to be very successful in driving Facebook ‘friends’ over to your site.

My Favorite Design Blog Fan Pages

These great design sites can be found on Facebook, head over and become a fan today!

MyInkBlog on Facebook (350 Fans)

AdmixWeb (80 Fans)

AdmixWeb is an amazing web design, and development blog, owned and operated, by Teylor Feliz and Holly Lamarche.

AREA1 (33 Fans)

AREA 1 is a blog related to graphic/web design, blogging tutorials, & articles.

Colorburned (2,869 Fans)

Colorburned is a design blog featuring the best in design news, resources, and tutorials from around the web.

Coroflot (7,028 Fans)

Coroflot is a creative network for designers of all stripes. Upload your portfolio of work, and allow great employers, and observers to be able to see your skills!

Design Juices 36 Fans

Design Juices has its own facebook page. I encourage you to pass on the page to all of your friends, so we can grow in our presence online. The Facebook page is the place to go for all the updates regarding Design Juices, and is an open forum for any thoughts, and feelings you have regarding the blog.

Design Your Way (37 Fans)

Design Your Way is a great place to submit links relating to design, and offers great design articles on a range of topics.

DeviantART (216,917 Fans)

DeviantART aims to provide a place for any artist, both emerging and professional talents, to exhibit, and discuss works of art. With over 12 million registered members, and 100 million submissions, DeviantART is the world’s largest art community.

Fudge Graphics (1000 Fans)

Whether you’re looking for high quality freebies, inspiration, or design related news; Fudge Graphics has it.

Graphic River (616 Fans)

At Graphic River you can buy and sell, royalty free, layered Adobe Photoshop Files, Vector Graphics, Icon Sets, and Add-ons for Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Inspired Magazine (1,966 Fans)

Inspired Magazine is a daily inspiration source for web designers, illustrators, Twitter addicts, and other creative humans.

Inspiring Pixel (272 Fans)

Inspiring Pixel is an online inspiration repository for designers. The website features creative, and inspiring designs from Web, Graphic, and the UI design industry from professionals. This enables viewers to understand their work, and create similar designs themselves.

Lady Umbrella (3,374 Fans)

Lady Umbrella is a designer ladies t-shirt company based in Ireland. The company was established in 2008, with the dream of creating stunning t-shirts with the heroine, Lady Umbrella, in a variety of scenarios, and with a host of friends. Lady Umbrella has successfully run various giveaways, and competitions, in coorelation with improving their facebook profile. This has rapidly increased their fan base.

MacApp Storm (1,079 Fans)

MacApp Storm is a great site dedicated to Mac application news, reviews, competitions, and tips.

Naldz Graphics (257 Fans)

Naldz Graphics is a Design Blog for designers, and design lovers. They showcase the best tutorials, freebies, inspirations, and other useful, and informative resources to help, and give love to the design community.

Psd Tuts+ (3,331 Fans)

Psd Tutsplus is a blog/Photoshop site, made to house, and showcase some of the best Photoshop tutorials around.

Smashing Magazine (11,797 Fans)

Smashing Magazine delivers useful, and innovative information to Web designers, and developers. Their aim is to inform our readers about the latest trends, and fresh techniques in design, and Web development.

The Web Blend (133 Fans)

The Web Blend is a community for designers, developers, and tech junkies that keeps you current with a summary of the latest in web related news and trends.

Visual Swirl (80 Fans)

Visual Swirl is a creative design blog from the mind of Chris Thurman, dishing out tasty snacks for the creative mind.

Promoting your Facebook Page

Well, now that you have your Facebook page up and running, you want people to visit it?

  • Use the great Facebook badge, and place it on your site. This is done with a simple piece of code provided by Facebook themselves, it simply fits inside your sidebar (or wherever you wish to place it.) This allows users to see your latest posted updates, and become a fan right away.
  • Run a competition/giveaway through your site/Facebook page, and encourage users to become a fan in order to enter the giveaway. Simple ideas like this (with the right prize) often bring you hundreds of new readers and fans. (you can encourage them to follow your blog in various social network sites.)
  • Syncing your twitter feed to your Facebook page is only a click away.
  • Post up your new articles on your Facebook page, allowing you to receive additional traffic.
  • Promote Facebook button at the bottom of your posts.
  • Be interactive on the page, but don’t over-run users with updates, typically a one or two posts per day is necessary.
  • Encourage your community of readers to comment on Facebook posts, and respond, encouraging conversation.

About the Author

Jared Thompson is a keen product and graphics designer. His strengths are his ability to produce high quality work from graphics software like Photoshop. He has a great eye for detail and understands how an image should be presented in its best quality. He has a passion for the works and designers of the Bauhaus movement and strongly believes that ‘less is more.’ Jared is currently studying Product Design at the Northern School of Design.

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  • Fabio Sasso

    Nice list…. I’d like to share the Abduzeedo’s fan page

    Thanks a lot ;)

  • LadyUmbrella

    Hey, cheers for mentioning us…Really like facebook, great way to stay in touch and to let people know whats happening..Easy to use and most importantly used by “everybody”…join us sure ;) Stay happy, LadyUmbrella (Rob)..

  • RJ

    Thanks! i just add em all! :)

  • Louis Gubitosi

    nice, thanks for the add!

  • JT

    TKS, great job, I add this one:

    • Preisler Construction Ltd.

      Mmhhh… I am trying to get my head around how to use Facebook for my construction company. Not entire sure how to go about it.

      Hence, I thought I’d stop by here and see what you have to say about, and I did like your advise a lot. However, the “Be interactive on the page, but don’t over-run users with updates, typically a one or two posts per day is necessary.” threw me off a bit. I mean, surely less than that can do it ?

      Martin, Preisler Construction Ltd.

  • Brian Lovin

    Great list, too bad Elite by Design didn’t make it up there! It’s

  • piervix

    Hey buddy… really great list. I would share also the fan page of the PV.M Garage


  • Sneh Roy

    Awesome list Jared! Lady Umbrella is new to me. Thanks for sharing!

    Look up LBOI too!


    • Jaime Montoya

      Pretty cool.

  • Syed Balkhi

    Very nice list. You forgot to mention WPBeginner

  • Richie

    Thanks for the list. I’m on the verge of creating one.

  • Melody

    And of course the sexiest followers are at home on SexiDesign’s page ;)!/pages/SexiDesigncom-Sex-in-Marketing-and-Design/209641002308

    Looking forward to becoming a fan of all these :)

  • Dimi

    Awesome list! Would also like to share the Feedgrids fan page

  • Dany

    Thanks for this post. I’ll become a fan of them all.

    I also have a Facebook Fan page for my blog, but still have a lot to learn to create and engage with a community.

    For those who want to be in this adventure with me:


  • Ka

    and dont forget NINC!, posting art, news and findings every day..
    (currently ~ 750 fans)

    with correct link now:)

  • jared thompson

    Of course You can’t mention everyone! But id definately recommend;
    Abduzeedo, ElitebyDesign, pvmgarage, little box of ideas (LBOI), wpbeginner +sexidesign!
    I will have to give the others a look :)

  • nando

    Great list! I’d like to share the Your Inspiration Web fan page:

    Thanks a lot ;)

  • Kennedy

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  • Agence Siluko

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  • Jon Bergan

    Awesome roundup there. I’ve just joined a couple of those pages I’ve been meaning to so thanks for the nudge!


  • chris

    Great List, didn’t follow Design Blogs over Facebook until now :)
    BTW is also on FB:

  • Jacob Cass

    Thanks for the list… here is Just Creative Design’s:

  • George

    such a great list of facebook design pages…

    dont forget

  • Mihai O.

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  • Tutorijali HDonWEB

    Nice collection :-)

  • Teylor Feliz

    Very nice list!!!

    Thank you for including Admix Web.

  • Duane

    Great list. Since everybody is at it, thought I would Logobird’s in there as well;

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    Awesome list, definitely going to check out these Facebook pages.
    Here is SJL Web Design’s

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    More 14 000 fans actually.

  • Xpirt Design

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  • jessica

    great list! i had discovered Lady Umbrella through Twitter & Coroflot is a great “classic” design site.

    i would like suggest taking a look at Design Seeds @ > in four months on FB over 3,000 fans with great enthusiasm and comments :)

  • Igor Ivankovic

    Nice list…. I’d also like to share theTap-Tap’s fan page

    Thank you!

  • Interactive Online

    Great list! Don’t forget

  • jared thompson

    thanks for adding more great design sites to the list, be sure if you havent already to add Design Juices :D

  • Stuart Thursby

    Good list. For those interested in the Canadian creative biz — design, photography, advertising, illustration, interactive, etc — check out Applied Arts’ Fan Page

  • Ale2

    Nice list!
    I’d also like to share the fan page:


  • Roberto Blake

    Great Post Jared. A great list to help us stop having to hunt so bloody hard for this sort of thing. Social networking is now a MUST for any body in the creative community, or really anyone looking to advance their career in the new age, nicely done.

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    Nice list here.
    You can find Smashing Share also here :)

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    Excellent way to market our services also in webdesign.

  • Sherry

    So many good design sites, if add everyone, it will be a long list, maybe many pages.
    What a pity, we can’t open facebook and many other good site in China.

  • olegyins

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    The design communities facebook fans pages look cool. I like the Web Blend fan page most.

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    Awesome list – add me as well if you are looking to network with other graphic designers / photographers

    fb page: