Found on Flickr: 100 Amazing Office Work Spaces (Photos)

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From time to time we all like to have some change in our lives (I like change a lot actually) so I figured that today we’d go over some images I found on Flickr recently while doing my normal browsing. I am putting together a list here of 100 awesome images of office workspaces that I found on Flickr.

Having an organized workspace has been proven to boost productivity. Keeping things on your desk and around your office in order and having a beautiful place to work must get your brain going (especially if you are a designer!) more than an office that looks like a bomb site, right?

Maybe one of these images will inspire you to redesign your home office! I found a couple I’d love to mimic in my home office!

Amazing Office Space

Amazing Office Space

My Home Office III

My New Office / Workspace 1

Brooklyn Home Office

Panorama of my home office

My Office

My home office

Home Office Desk - Fall 2009 - 01 home office

New desk, office, and paint

My office: dual Apple 30 LCDs



office 2

The Office

Home Office

Office update - adding more asian elements

Home office Nov 2010

Office desk


Desk Corner

My office

apartment-office room

Office Space

Home Office v 2.0

Home Office

Home Office

Home Office Setup

Home Office Design

Home Office Design

Home Office Design

My Home Office

Home Office

My HDR home office

Home Office Makeover Ideas

Chic Suite Office Makeover

My Home Office

home office desk

Home Office Furniture (Natural Maple)

modern-home office-design

Home Office 2009

modern-home office- photos

Home office reorg "after" shot

My home office

Reorganized home office

My home office (early Dec 2009)

Home Office Desk - Fall 2009 - 01

Home office 2.0

New Home Office

New inspiration: Home Office Decoration Ideas For a Comfortable Work Environment

Home office 3.2

Ye New Home Office (after)

my home office

Home office-02

home office

Basement Home Office

Home Office 2009: Overview

360 Forged Home Office

Home Office - 05 Home Office [explored]

Home Office

Home Office

Home Office

Home office 2.0

Home office

Chillout Mode

Home Office

Home Office Setup (2007)

Basement Home Office

Home Office - 07

office love

Home Office Chico Caruso 04

Home office update

Home office  no quarto - 1

Home Office 27" iMac


Home Office Yellow Dark

My home office

Day 300 - New Home Office

Home Office Double Green

Current Home Office Setup

Martha Stewart Home Office

Home Office v1

Simple Home Office

Home Office

Home Office De-Cluttered

The El Clinto home office.

Home Office

Home office

Home office

Home office updated

Designed by Paul Raff Studio

Arbeitsplatz / Place of work

Home Office - Multi & Pombal

My Home Office

Home Office

@ Work @ Home

Clean Office!

Got a home office image that you’d like to share? Post up a link in the comments so we can check out how you work!

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  • Jami Gibbs

    Nice offices!

    Some of them look like straight up IKEA advertisements.

  • e11world

    Ahhhh when will I get a chance to buy a nice desk for my stuff?? Nice post!

  • Plan-It Interiors

    There are so many great workspace designs! There are quite a few in here that I would like to model my home office after. I especially like the contemporary look so maybe I will have to mirror mine after one of those. Thanks for posting all of these.

  • Waqas

    ahh!! these are fabulous…will definitely like to design my own like one of these

  • Cool Boy

    So eye catchy i will take inspiration from beautiful designs to design my own office interior

  • inspirationfeed

    Wow, what a massive collection. These make my setup look bad. All I have is a Laptop…..

  • Sohail Khan

    All Nice pics and Beautiful I like it