Giveaway: 5 $110 WordPress Theme Club Memberships from Shape 5

Shape 5 WordPress Themes Giveaway

In this giveaway, 5 lucky MyInkBlog readers will get a 1 year subscription to Shape 5’s Premium WordPress Theme Club worth $110 each.

Who are Shape5?

Shape 5 is one of the biggest and most experienced clubs for Joomla Templates, WordPress Themes, and PhpBB3 Styles around. With over 115,000 members, they create some of the finest designs available on the web. Shape 5 is also known for their excellent support.

What do the winners get?

Each of the 5 winners will get a 1 year subscription to Shape 5’s Premium WordPress theme club. These themes will make your WordPress website stand above the rest with their flexibility, design and power. You can use these designs on as many domains you want!

How do you participate?

Just leave a comment on this post and tell us how you would use the themes. That’s it! We will pick 5 lucky readers to get the theme club memberships. Make sure that your e-mail address is valid so we can contact you if you win.

Entries will be closed on Tuesday, May 31 and we will announce the winners shortly thereafter.

Good luck to everyone!

About the Author

James Vincent is a previous owner of MyInkBlog and a full time web developer and designer. He is a passionate blogger, photographer, and videographer.

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  • Steve Webster

    These wordpress themes would be great to develop for a few personal projects I have coming up.

  • Ann

    Almost finished the book ‘using wordpress’ so now some new themes would be very nice to get me started actually using wordpress as a CMS for my clients websites.

  • Rick S

    Exciting! My blog really news a jumpstart…got too busy with coursework.

  • Abdelhadi Touil

    These themes will help me to improve my skills in WordPress themes development. Also I have some personal project and I want such themes.
    Thanks for this giveaway, and sorry for my bad English :)

  • Ashmita

    I would use comaxium Theme in my new blog which is under construction. love this new WordPress resource.

  • Mohsen Ghiasi

    This summer will be dreamy with these themes!

  • Pablo Lara H

    I would use it for clients. Thanks!

  • dumazz

    Before I started using WordPress I’ve been a faithful user of Joomla. Shape5 know why. To this day I miss many features of WordPress that is Joomla. I want to return to active use Joomla. I need professional templates into the system. Templates, because I want to focus on editing pages.

  • Paul

    My wife is planning on opening a bakery and using a theme would make the process much simpler for us!

  • Timothy Whalin

    I would use the giveaway for my own personal site, my business site, my fiancée’s website, and client’s websites. Lots of uses! Thanks for hosting.

  • Martin

    I would like to redesign my Photoblog. :)


  • Masoud

    mmn ,i don’t have any idea about these themes ! because i do not have any chance !!!

    • James Vincent

      Masoud, you have just as good a chance as anyone else, unless you don’t tell us how you would use the themes :)

  • Bill

    I will use it for my wife’s book web site! Thanks!

  • mrtarkhan

    I would use it for a pdf bank

  • MSD

    I have different wordpress blogs desperate for themes !

  • Phil Stringfellow

    I’d love to win this for a few personal projects going on and also a few client websites that I don’t have time to do a completely custom design for :)

    Good lick to everyone!

  • BornA

    To help Shape5 develop these themes more and more in other less-known countries such as mine and make Shape5 more famous in such these regions !

  • hamid

    I would use it for clients. Thanks!

  • hashem

    I would use it for my website Theme

  • Farzad

    I want to use these themes for my projects, ideas and my game studio!

  • Mahdi Hoshyar

    Thanks, this is very nice. ;)

  • Gavin Smith

    I have a number of church and not for profits that cannot afford a full custom design, so having some great templates and themes would give them a great look.

  • morteza

    hi my name is morteza . from iran and want use this them for my website

  • mohammad

    I’ll use it for a learning website.

  • AL!

    hi !

    I would like to use themes for my site !

  • Vahid

    I would use it for my weblog. Thanks!

  • Yuni Ardita Sari Dewi

    I would love to use it for my personal projects
    hope for the best! :)

  • Stephen Frasier

    I truly pine for a plethora of free WordPress themes (you know, the nice, clean, professional layouts like Shape5’s Fusion and Phosphorus: themes that don’t look free) in order to dress up my growing collection of WordPress blogs. As an avid and compulsive writer, I have several blogs — some more popular than others – and they are all dressed down in free themes at this point. From the more popular blog, (140 visits per day) down to my most pathetic blog (Bumbling Bloviations, receiving approximately zero visitors per day) to the relatively controversial blog (well, here in the Bible belt, at least) Search for Truth, the free WordPress themes just aren’t cutting it.

    Perhaps I should also admit that I use the same free WordPress theme for at least two of the blogs, which is probably a cardinal sin out here in the blogosphere. I really need some help to “get right.”

    Thanks for making such a great offer!

  • Milad

    Hi :)
    i Want Use This theme For my Personal blog & Pro Blog !
    Just It !

  • farsico

    I love shape5 templates and myinkblog news. be looky

  • kourosh

    I would use it for my website Theme

  • wilson

    I would love to use it for business

  • reza

    I would use them for my blog to make it different from others.

  • amirhossein mousavi

    i would like to use these themes in my personal website

  • Hossein

    I want to use thems for a Fun site that kids don’t go bad ways.

  • سید علی بنی جمالی

    i love you myinkblog!

  • Soroosh

    i will use these themes on my personal blog ..

  • sajjad

    i’ll use these themes for our blogs !

  • Ali banijamali

    i would like to use these themes for my important and hot news in my web site

  • mahyar

    i have 3 website that works with wordpress and i will use this award to my all websites …

    i will won . everybody know.

  • Andre

    Great offer. I would use it for own projects.

  • Nima Maleki

    I will use the themes for my web designing projects. Thats it !

  • bardia

    I would like to use it for my news website

  • Sthephen soomi

    I will develop them and help designers for solve problems in wordpress theme.
    At all, i’ll use them not for myself. Just for help shape5 in relasing its product.
    It’s better to have 1 theme without any problem than have many theme with 1 problem :)

  • Chris

    would use them for a cool travel blog!

  • Chitra Sivasankar

    I will use it on my blog. There is nothing better than giving a better look to the blog.

  • محمد امیر حاجلو

    I’ll use it for download-learning website.

  • ali

    i want to use a perfect theme for my blog !
    i really need a good one …

  • ehsaN

    I would like too use them.

  • Chintan Jain

    I would like to use these themes for my upcoming blogs….

  • Freebiesbuzz

    Great giveaway….

    i need to change the theme of my freebiesbuzz site, so probably this will be the best place to win this theme and use it on my blog…

  • Siddarth Jain

    nice collections, i would be using them in my blogs…

  • Behrouz

    use for personal project :D
    be successful.

  • katana

    oh my god !
    shape 5 themes ?!
    very nice fore me . my site is better then by shape5 themes . can i get ? u know ? —– oh ! sorry ! i can’t write english word very nice ! can you read persian world ?
    سلام رفیق . چه با حاله که یه اکانت واقعی رو از یه سایت قالب ساز داشته باشی . به به میشه برا خودش :)

  • Jorden Tually

    This prize would help me so much as I am a student and am struggling when it comes the income. This would kick start my blog and get my name out in the design community! Something I have wanted to do for a while!

    Thanks For The Opportunity!

  • Free ipad

    I want to use themes for my SEO Services website and my personal blogs

  • Payton

    I am starting a blog about solar energy and other alternative power sources. I would love to use a Shape5 theme for my blog.

    They have some really great themes.

    Thanks MyInkBlog for doing this giveaway!


    I would revamp the site to offer a better display and better searching for files and content. I would also add how-to article and increase the SEO value of the site. do I feel lucky? I feel lucky.

  • Paul

    I would use the new themes to power new sister sites!

  • siva

    I want to use it for my upcoming blog

  • Maggy

    Great contest.Will use it for my blog about cooking

  • srilu

    I want to use it in my final year project involving a web site design

  • Padma

    What else the themes will be useful for? I will use them on my blog

  • Denis

    Want to use it for the website i’m designing

  • Vani

    Will use it to enhance my knowledge on wordpress theme design

  • Coolguy

    Will use it to redesign one of friends current blog

  • Gofer

    Would be a good learning to have access to so many premium themes. I will try to develop my skills on wordpress designing

  • suneetha

    I will give it to my boyfriend so that he can use it to redesign his blog.

  • Honey

    Cant afford to buy thesis or any other premium themes. Would like to win and use this on my blog

  • Prakash

    Will use it for couple of personal projects

  • Sailu

    Will use them for my upcoming tech blog

  • noeden

    I’ll be on vacation next week, I intend to open a personal blog with a forum that focuses on tutoring in different areas.
    please enter me in the draw, I hope to use them.

  • James Vincent

    Thanks for the great response to this giveaway everyone.

    Entries are now closed and winners will be announced shortly.