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I’ve been working in the web design field for about five years now. It’s funny how you can get so involved in your work and your knowledge base begins to grow. From simple HTML to database driven sites using PHP and MySQL. The technologies and buzz words can become a bit overwhelming, but the more you work and study in the field the more comfortable things become. One of the trendiest things going these past couple years has been the ever-increasing popularity of blogging. This is my first true attempt at it, and I’m loving it so far. Sites like make it easier and easier to get started.

Here’s how you can get started:

  • Go to
  • Download the latest version (as of this post it is wordpress 2.5.1)
  • Extract the files you just downloaded.
  • Create a MySQL database on your webserver for your wordpress blog. Set up the database to give you all the access privileges so you can modify it. Most hosting sites offer phpmyadmin for you to create a database. Check with your hosting company if you are having difficulty creating this.
  • Locate and rename the wp-config-sample.php, change it to wp-config.php.
  • Open wp-config.php in your favorite text editor and update the database info.
  • Upload all your files you just downloaded and edited to your webserver.
  • Run the wordpress installation file by opening your browser and directing it to or wherever you uploaded your blog to. Follow the instructions.
  • Take a sip of your coffee, you just setup a blog!

And your finished installing, where to go from here:

Now you can login to the admin page and play around with all the possible options. You can write posts and pages, change themes, add widgets and much more! offers all kinds of detailed information about how to get started and how to add on more stuff. A great place to visit for all things web related is They’ve recently they wrote a post about 100 excellent free WordPress themes, check it out, there are some great themes there!

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