Most homeowners will commit to a plumbing project just because it looks easy. While they may be able to pull off simple DIY plumbing projects without the help of a professional plumber, sometimes, attempting to correct a plumbing problem could be dangerous or will escalate it.

The following are three kitchen mistakes that will certainly make you call a plumber.

1. Using the Garbage Disposal Like a Trash Compactor

Despite its name, not all garbage should be tossed in the disposal. Most homeowners shove all the waste down the garbage disposal until the blades can no longer work. Pumpkin carvings, watermelon rinds and potato peels are some of the common things plumbers remove to free the blades.

Sometimes, homeowners are not the problem but the guests. Therefore, be sure to inform your guests not to dump everything down the garbage disposal.

2. Joining Mismatched Pipes

To an average person, combining mismatched pipes may not seem like a serious problem, but a professional plumbing company is well aware of the problem this can lead to. Connecting different metal pipes such as copper and steel, or a galvanized pipe and copper pipe without using a dielectric union, will cause a leak at the union shortly. Eventually, molds will grow on the leaks on the warmer locations behind the walls. Also, without proper coupling, the metals will corrode at the connection point. If not corrected, the corrosion will build up and block the pipe.

To avoid major plumbing problems, it is prudent to call a professional to connect pipes safely. A good plumber will use a special dielectric union to separate two metals with a plastic sleeve and a rubber washer so that they don’t touch each other.

3. Pouring Grease Down the Kitchen Drain

Grease is one of the major culprit of clogged kitchen drains yet we are often in the habit of pouring bacon grease, oil and the likes down the kitchen sink.

To prevent a clogging problem, wait for the oil to solidify then dispose of it in the regular garbage.

Avoiding the aforementioned three common kitchen plumbing problems will go a long way in ensuring that you do not have to call a plumber. However, if need be, contact us at Jonesboro, GA plumbing company for all your plumbing needs. We pride ourselves in providing unmatched plumbing service whether we are working for an individual or a large company.