Logo Inspiration With A Yellow Focus

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This post is a continuation of my “Inspiration With A Yellow Focus” series. If you missed the awesome poster designs, you can check that out here. I searched tons of logos to bring you the best that feature some yellow in them. Below is the inspirational logos that I found.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these beautifully designed logos. The majority of them were found at these inspirational sites:

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  • http://styl.eti.me styletime

    gotta love that banansfilm logo! great post!

    styletime’s last post was… Delicious Bookmarks for your consumption.

  • http://www.fuelyourcreativity.com adelle

    very cool post! and my fave is the bananas films.

    adelle’s last post was… Interviewed on Freelance Folder + More News

  • http://incspring.com Wes Wilson

    These are great! (Shameless plug) Smart Ideas and WebApps are on IncSpring :)

  • http://arbent.net/blog Angie Bowen

    Great showcase. I absolutely love the Tao Living logo!

    Angie Bowen’s last post was… Freebie – A Matter of Perspective Wallpaper

  • http://designshard.com Max | Design Shard

    The creative solutions logo seems quite clever, and tao one is nice and elegant, good finds

    Max | Design Shard’s last post was… Grand Designs – Graphic designers showcase – Rock Sound – pt1

  • http://naldzgraphics.com NaldzGraphics

    looking fresh logos.this is a very inspiring list.thanks for sharing. you should add your logo too:)


    NaldzGraphics’s last post was… Create an Artistic One Eye TV Man in a Grunge Vector Design

  • http://rwsoft.method8.net/blog Simon SC

    Some great logos and content here. I think the MyInkBlog logo stands up to some of the very best featured here.

    Yellow and black (or dark grey) is a very powerful colour scheme. I use that (along with dark magenta) in my own site design.

    Simon SC’s last post was… Tasker Updated to v1.4

  • http://www.wefunction.com liam

    Love that smart ideas logo! The rest are still very good, but that one just ticks all the right boxes for me :)

    liam’s last post was… Contest: Win a Copy of the brand new Papercut Theme

  • http://justcreativedesign.com Jacob Cass

    Wow I was surprised to see one of my logos there (the Peter Ryan) one. Next time you should link the logos up to their profiles :)

    Jacob Cass’s last post was… How Giving Away A Free Logo Design Benefited The Whole Community

  • http://www.myinkblog.com Andrew Houle

    Thanks everyone for the comments :)

    Simon, I’m quite flattered that you think my logo can hold it’s own against these awesome ones.

    Jacob, the Peter Ryan logo is great! I love when designers do creative things with initials like that. I forgot to link the logos to the profiles again, I will definitely try to remember next time.

  • http://www.fudgegraphics ferdinand | fudgegraphics

    I love this post. the bananasfilms is my absolute favourite. thanks again for letting me write the blue inspiring logos post!