If you’re in charge of a warehouse, you know that efficiency is the key to a smooth operation, worker satisfaction, minimizing labor costs and overheads, and higher profits. By following these four tips, you can ensure that you are on the right track:

Tip 1: Handling Tasks in an Efficient Manner

Being on top of new major shipments, as and when they come in, is vital to the efficiency of your warehouse operation. It’s very important to avoid delaying breaking the boxes down, putting them in your recycling container, unpacking the items and putting them in the appropriate place.

If you follow this procedure like clockwork, you will notice a vast improvement in the running of your warehouse. The best policy is always to make a note of the expected delivery on your calendar so that you can organize the necessary employees who will be expecting the delivery.

Tip 2: Benefits of Automatic Data Collection

Always opt for automatic data collection because if your employees key in numbers onto a keyboard or use paper to write down numbers, it’s time-consuming and can mean inaccuracies. Automatic data collection has excellent benefits which you will be delighted with.

Radio frequency and barcode identification have been a godsend to many large warehouses, and they have witnessed cheaper labor costs, more accuracy and increased productivity.

Tip 3: Do Not Be Reliant on Data Entry Processes which are Done Manually

You will find that instead of counting on manual data entry processes, your operation will be significantly improved if your staff uses RFID readers or portable computers that have bar code scanners or RFID readers. That way, the products can be identified immediately when they are delivered.

You will be very happy to see that by implementing this new system, there will be more accuracy regarding data entry, counting, and identification and that the products are swiftly removed from the dock.

Tip 4: Use Asset Tracking and WMS

If you team up WMS (a warehouse management system) with asset tracking, you will be very pleased with the increased productivity in your warehouse due to these cutting-edge automated functions. This has some benefits:

  • Successfully monitoring your inventory
  • Successfully controlling fulfillment
  • Successfully managing your shipping costs
  • Higher company profits.