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Another day, another month gone by… slow down, please. Despite the relative speed of days gone by, August was MyInkBlog’s best month. I am so thankful that this blog has grown the way it has! Thank you for reading, commenting and being such a big part of it.

At the end of every month I like to give a round up for the best of that month in the design community, it’s what I call “MyInkTrail.” So here are some interesting links I found along the trail this month…


  1. 44+ Inspiring Blue Logos

    Franz over at Fudge Graphics has added to the Inspiration with a color focus that I’ve been working on. It’s sort of a continuation from Design Inspiration with a Yellow Focus and Logo Inspiration with a Yellow Focus. It was only natural that he focus on blue, given his theme, which was recently update, and looks great! The logo choices are stunning and will certainly inspire you.

  2. Design at the Beijing Olympic Games

    The Beijing Olympic Games were beautifully put together, especially from a design perspective. They were quite possibly the best looking Olympics ever! This article showcases the design work that was involved.

  3. 32 Examples of Websites with a Brave colour Scheme

    A look at 32 inspirational sites that make bold color choices. A fresh list of really unique choices.

  4. How to Get Work Locally

    It’s very important to be proactive if you are planning to be a successful freelance designer, especially with local clients. This article looks into some of the simple measures you can do to help you achieve local success.

  5. School is in Session – 100 Design Articles to Keep you Motivated – Part I, II, III, IV and V

    Brian over at Elite by Design put together a list of over 100 design related articles. It’s an awesome compilation that will keep you motivated for a long time.

  6. To Pad Or Not To Pad? The Portfolio Question.

    An interesting take on some of the challenges that young designers face. What to do when trying to establish a nice design portfolio?

  7. 9 Of The Best Ways To Present A Website To A Client

    How to present a website mockup to a client is always a bit of a dilemna. Jacob Cass of Just Creative Design reaches out to the design community to find out 9 of the best ways to go about this task. He even posts their Twitter responses. This is a real interesting read.

  8. Interview with David Leggett / Tutorial9

    I really enjoy reading interviews with other designers. It’s a great way to learn more about what helps them be successful. Plus they are usually interesting people.


  1. Dynamic Recessed Watercolor Typography in Photoshop

    If you’re like me, this tutorial doesn’t need much of an intro, that final result says volumes. If you do need an intro, this tutorial uses images and watercolor effects to produce this incredible design. Definitely worth the time to run through.

  2. Illustrator’s Pen Tool; The Comprehensive Guide

    One of the biggest stepping stones of going from an average designer to a good designer is the ability to fully utilize the pen tool. This is a comprehensive guide covering all the basics of how to use the pen tool within Illustrator. This is a very helpful guide to have bookmarked.

  3. Recolor Artwork Using Illustrator’s LiveColor

    I find Illustrator’s LiveColor feature to be incredibly useful. This tutorial walks your through all the most commons ways to use this feature in your projects.

  4. How to Create an Amazing jQuery Style Switcher

    I gotta be honest, I’m a sucker for good jQuery tutorials. The results are always so slick. This tutorial runs through creating two style sheets, then uses jQuery to give the reader the ability to chose what style they want to view the site in. Plus it uses a nice transition effect. Very cool!

  5. Give Your Photos Awesome Lighting in Just 10 Steps

    Learn how to make a dramatic lighting effect for any of your photos in just 10 steps. This is a creative and unique way to make your photos pop and the results will be different every time depending on the photo.


  1. 9 Colorful Rust Textures

    I have a ton of textures. I can’t help it, they are always so helpful in Photoshop. just put out this set of 9 Colorful Rust Textures. They are very high res and very nice to have in the collection.

  2. The Most Retro Line Illustrator Brushes Ever!

    Grant over at ColorBurned has been giving away some awesome Illustrator brushes. This set of retro brushes are his latest creations. Another great resourse to place in the designer’s toolbox.

  3. 30 Free High Quality WordPress Themes

    If you are in search of a new WordPress theme, then this list of 30 freebies is a great place to start. Smashing Magazine always puts together great lists and this is no exception.

  4. Dirty Spray Photoshop Brushes

    These brushes are flat-out awesome. They are high resolution grunge splatter brushes. Perfect for grunging up a background or adding a bit of an urban look to your projects.

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  • http://www.fudgegraphics ferdinand | fudgegraphics

    great roundup! I can’t wait to read all the articles I missed. I’m sure my rss reader will get some new feeds. Thanks for including my post!

  • NaldzGraphics

    nice list . i like Illustrator’s Pen Tool; The Comprehensive Guide the most since I’m practicing illustrator.keep it up!!!


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  • Tom Ross

    Thanks for the feature, great roundup Andrew! :)

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    A few here i havent read, Awesome ill be back to look through them.

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  • Angie Bowen

    Great roundup, and even a few that I missed along the way. Thanks so much for the inclusion!

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  • Wes Wilson

    These are great, Andrew! I’m with the others, I’ve missed a few of these. Thanks for sharing!

  • Daniel

    I’ve really been meaning to dig deeper into illustrator. Thanks for the illustrator tutorial.

  • styletime

    Look forward to getting down and dirty with those brushes ;)

    Great list, Thanks!

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    great round-up! and many thanks for the inclusion of my rust textures!

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  • Andrew Houle

    Great response, thanks for all the comments!

  • David Leggett

    Thanks for mentioning our Dirty Sprays Brush Pack. We’re just starting to release our own unique brush resources to our viewers, and I’m very grateful when I see folks spreading the word about them :)

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    Fantastic list, very nicely put together mate,
    Steve :D

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    Sweet collection, very good round up.

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