MyInkBlog Turns One + A New Addition!

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The Happy New Family!

On May 9, 2009, my wife and I celebrated the birth of our first child! He decided to come see us a full month early, and was less than an hour away from being my wife’s greatest Mother’s Day gift she’ll ever receive!

No shocker here (especially for those of you with kids), but it will take a little time before I can get back into the full swing of things here on MIB, as I happily transition into fatherhood. However, I anticipate that I’ll continue to blog about once per week, and I hope to have some contributions from a few guest writers along the way.


Happy Birthday MyInkBlog

MyInkBlog has grown up considerably since I started this project/experiment 1 year ago. I honestly couldn’t imagine back then, the direction and success of MIB. I began this blog mainly as a lab to further experiment with WordPress. However, it has turned out to be so much more informative and rewarding than I had ever anticipated.

The blog now averages about 130,000 views per month and the rss readership has grown to over 4,000 awesome readers. I have gone through two major design iterations and have been making small, incremental changes since then.

I have plans to continue improvements in both the design and function of this blog this year. Stay tuned for a new logo, header and navigation, all of which is getting closer to being finished.

Thanks For A Great First Year!

Thank you to all the loyal readers and contributors that have made MyInkBlog very enjoyable and rewardable this past year!

About the Author

Andrew is a primary contributer for MyInkBlog. He is a full time web developer for Niagara University. When he's not working there, he's a blogger, twitter'er, wordpress'er, silverstripe advocate, blessed father and husband.

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  • Aaron Irizarry

    Congrats on the new addition, and that the blog is now a one year old!

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  • liam

    Oh wow, congrats! And well done for keeping up a great blog for a whole year. Best of luck for the second year Andrew.

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  • Max Stanworth

    Happy birthday myinkblog ( its a great blog) and all the best for the future for you and the new addition :)

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  • Soh Tanaka

    Great job on the site Andrew :-) and congrats on your son!

    Soh Tanaka´s last post was… Simple Page Peel Effect with jQuery & CSS

  • Zach Dunn

    Congratulations on two big milestones! You’ve made huge steps in the months I’ve been following this blog. Here’s to continued success!

    Zach Dunn´s last post was… Color Scheme Inspiration – Cliffs and Islands

  • Darryl

    Congrats, take in these moments and cherish them they will be the best.

  • Bee

    Hey, well double whammy! Congratulations again on your new arrival. Best of luck for all of you. And happy birthday MyInkBlog! Great news!!

  • Tim Smith

    Congrats Andrew!! Two great things at the same time. MyInkBlog has been a great resource for me and I hope that I can continue, not only to benefit from it, but to also contribute. Thanks for everything that you’ve done Andrew. Take care and, again, congratulations!

    Tim Smith´s last post was… 6 things to think about when building a website

  • Ronald | Naldz Graphics

    Wow what can i say.double celebration :D Congrats Andrew!!!!

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  • Sneh

    Happy Birthday MIB!! It is a fun place to be, craetivity wise :-)

    And awww look at that little bub! Congratulations to you and your wife for the beautiful little addition :-)

    Sneh´s last post was… 44 Creative Green Business Cards

  • Marco

    Congratulation Andrew, both with your blog and with the new addition ;) .

    Lot of blog-birthdays these days – turned 2 a couple of days ago :) .

    I wish you the best!

    Marco´s last post was… 20+ Wicked Proof of Concepts for Better use of jQuery/CSS

  • Abhineet


  • Mariusz

    Congratulations on both! :)

    Mariusz´s last post was… Concept: Coke side of life

  • Rajesh Pancholi

    Congrats Pops!!!

  • Tom Ross

    Congrats on your son Andrew! That’s amazing news.

    Also really impressive work with MIB, it’s great to see it doing so well. Keep it up!

    Tom Ross´s last post was… Interview with Angie Bowen of Arbent Creative Designs

  • Andrew Houle

    Thanks so much for the kind wishes everyone about the baby! It’s so cool how supportive this community is.

    And thanks for all the positive comments about MIB’s first year, I can’t wait to continue to improve it, and see where things go this year :)

  • Chris Spooner

    A bit of a belated congratulations but best wishes for the following years!
    And of course a huge congrats on the new addition to the family

    Chris Spooner´s last post was… 40 Tutorials for Creating Highly Detailed Icon Designs

  • Liam McCabe

    Awesome news!

    Congratulations Andrew! :)

  • Lucinda – eightyone design

    Congratulations! A double celebration!

  • Mr Kuzio

    Hey, congrats and best regards!

  • Mampranx

    Congratulation and Celebration … :D all the best!

  • Kevin

    Congratulations with the birht of your son! What’s his name? :)

    Hopefully, we can see this blog for a couple more years.

    Kevin´s last post was… 10 Beautiful Decorative Organic Fonts

  • Leonardo Situmorang

    Silent reader here. ^__^

  • Andrew Houle

    @Kevin – Thanks, his name is Timothy.

  • Valerie Babin

    Congrats!!! Great news!

  • kristine b


  • Bullardino

    Congratulations, Timothy’s a real beauty.

    Bullardino´s last post was… Le prime immagini

  • Tanaka13 – Créations du Net

    congratulations Andrew! a great moment in life to be a father!
    congrats for your site too!

    All the best for the future!

    Tanaka13 – Créations du Net´s last post was… REBORN 2009 – Blocky Hyperspace

  • Joshhh

    Congratulations! That’s my sister’s birthday!

  • David Airey

    Hey Andrew,

    Congratultations! And I hope Timothy doesn’t cause too many sleepless nights.

    All the best.

    David Airey´s last post was… The beautiful Balearics

  • Andrew Houle

    @David – Thanks! So far, just intermittent sleep, but so worth it!

  • Pablo Lara

    Congratulations¡¡¡ I am a new boy in Blogville. I am from Chile and I wish you the best for you, your wife and the baby. See you.