MyInkTrail: Best of the Design Community, March 2010

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MyInkTrail: Best of the Design Community, March 2010

There was plenty of good stuff to see and learn on the interwebs this month. Here are the best articles, tutorials, inspiration and more for March 2010 from my trek through the design community.


I wish I would have known: Answers from 11 top freelancersI wish I would have known: Answers from 11 top freelancers

Some of the top freelancers in the design community share their insight about things they wish they had known when they first started freelancing. I once heard it said that a wise man learns from his own mistakes, an even wiser man learns from other’s mistakes.

To Sketch or Not to SketchTo Sketch or Not to Sketch

Those of you who have been following my blog lately know that I’ve been focusing a lot on the importance of sketching in the design process. So it should come as no surprise that I enjoyed this writeup that explores just how crucial that process is.

Books in the Age of the iPadBooks in the Age of the iPad

An awesome and well-thought out post about the role that the iPad will have on the transition from print to digital books.

A Look into Color Theory in Web DesignA Look into Color Theory in Web Design

This is a very detailed post on color theory. It’s topped off with explanations of the feelings evoked by certain colors and examples of colors used in big company sites.

The Slippery Slope of Creeping ScopeThe Slippery Slope of Creeping Scope

Creep scope is a dirty word in the design community. This post goes over a bunch of useful techniques for dealing with this all too common issue.

Bad Design Vs Good Design: What You Should Be Doing (Part 1)Bad Design Vs Good Design: What You Should Be Doing (Part 1)

Tom over at PSD Fan explores the nuances that separate good and bad design. Things like color, typography and branding. His points are reinforced with examples throughout.

HTML5 Rocks My Socks OffHTML5 Rocks My Socks Off

HTML5 is only useable in modern browsers, but with a bit of javascript you can pull it off (even in IE). With all the cool new features it’s definitely worth starting to learn now. This post clearly explains 11 new tags that you can use.

IE9 May Actually Be a Fantastic BrowserIE9 May Actually Be a Fantastic Browser

The preview version of IE 9 has been met with mixed reviews. It may not be perfect, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

CSS In Depth Part 2: Floats & PositionsCSS In Depth Part 2: Floats & Positions

The first part of this series looked at margins, padding & the box model. This second part focuses on floats and position.

My Love/Hate Affair with TypekitMy Love/Hate Affair with Typekit

Web standards leader and advocate Jeffrey Zelman looks at the pros and cons of using Typekit for web fonts.

Know How To Plan Your Website Redesign & Get InspiredKnow How To Plan Your Website Redesign & Get Inspired

This post features examples of successful blog redesigns and advice as to how to redesign and why.


Grid Accordion with jQueryGrid Accordion with jQuery

This tutorial will walk you through creating a clever jquery accordion. And the example is complete with your favorite comic book heros.

Creating Glassy Objects Using Layer StylesCreating Glassy Objects Using Layer Styles

I’ve always been impressed by the awesome effects you can create in Photoshop by tweaking layer styles. Matt Ward of Echo Enduring recreates his logo with a glass effect and describes all the steps and theory along the way.


Decorative Elements Pack – 33 Free Vectors, Brushes, and ImagesDecorative Elements Pack – 33 Free Vectors, Brushes, and Images

Media Militia consistently rocks out some of the best freebies in the design community. Here are 33 incredible decorative elements to make you look good in your next design.

30+ New Social Media Icons30+ New Social Media Icons

MediaLoot has some incredible graphics under their monthly subscription. They also offer the occasional freebie. Be sure to grab this top notch social media icon set.

Free Texture Tuesday: Subtle GrungeFree Texture Tuesday: Subtle Grunge

Awesome and free subtle grunge texture set, nuff said.

Featured Stuff

March Interview MadnessMarch Interview Madness

Inspired by the madness of the NCAA tournament, Brian brings us 31 days worth of interviews from many of the top names in the design community (somehow I slipped into this awesome list).


After checking out this screencast I decided to give WebStorm a try. It’s definitely a worth a download, and yeah, it’s free.


MediaLoot opened up shop this month. It’s a new subscription based site that serves up awesome icons, Photoshop brushes, textures, vectors, print templates, and more. To help MediaLoot celebrate their launch, I’ve teamed up with them to offer you a chance to win a free 1 year account.


Be sure to check out this breath-taking project by Cameron Moll. It’s an amazing artistic rendering of the coliseum with type.

CSS3 Please!CSS3 Please!

I love this site! It’s a quick and easy way to produce all the css3 syntax (webkit, moz, and ie filters) in one easy to use site.

Wordpress MadnessWordPress Madness

WordPress Madness offers up some really nice looking premium WordPress themes for only $5.

Spanning Sync 3Spanning Sync 3

I just picked up this awesomely handy software. It syncs (both ways) your iCal with Google Calendar and Address Book with Google Contacts.

@Font-Face Generator@Font-Face Generator

This is such a handy little tool to produce a zipped file of everything you need to use @font-face fonts across pretty much every browser.

Find IconsFind Icons

This is a new icon search engine. You can search their database for over 280,000 icons and sort by size, color, category and rating.

Opera Logo with CSSOpera Logo with CSS

David Desandro recreates the Opera logo using only CSS to showcase the flexibility of CSS3.

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