MyInkTrail: Best of the Design Community – March 2011

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MyInkTrail - Best of the Design Community March 2011

Another month in the books and another MyInkTrail for you so you can soak up all of the awesomeness that happened around the design community in the past 31 days.

Below are links to the top articles, tutorials, resources, inspiration & random goodness that came out of the design community in the month of March, 2011.


logo design process and walkthrough for biothemesLogo design process and walkthrough for biothemes

Chris gives us all some insight into the process that he took when designing the amazing logo for BioThemes. I personally love the logo at full size but on the live site it’s a bit too small to appreciate fully when you see it in the header note: the logo is shown full size if you scroll to the bottom.

Capturing web essence through web designEssential Factors to Consider When Designing a Website

A good post covering the fast changing development of the world and what it means for your web designs & how you can capitalize on it all.

Thursday Theory: 6 ways to make your work more original

Not everyone can (or should) design like the more well known designers in the industry because, after all, it’s the unique way you design that sets you apart from the rest and this post shows you 6 ways you can make your work even more original.

good design brief7 basics to create a good design brief

Want to make your life as a designer a million times easier? Check out these 7 things you should have in your design brief that will make the beginning phases of a design project a breeze.

Dont create trendy designsTop 5 reasons why you shouldn’t create trendy designs

Some good information that often gets overlooked when you’ve spent too much time on sites like Dribbble and Forrst and all you want to do is create something trendy – even when you know you shouldn’t.

Give a touch of creativity to your resume

Looking for a job as a designer? Got a resume that looks just like everyone else’s? If you answered yes to both of these questions you NEED this post in your life.


Paper Textures in Web DesignDesign Inspiration: Paper textures in web design

One of my personal favorite styles, Vandelay Design features a bunch of paper textures in web designs for your inspiration. Definitely one to check out to get your creative juices flowing.

minimalist grid based web designsShowcase of 20 Minimalist grid based web designs

Clean, easy to view web designs will never lose its hold on designers and this post is a premium example of why minimalist designs will never die – so much awesomeness.

10 fresh and inspirational HTML5 one-page portfolios

So many different trends are packed into this one showcase it’s crazy. HTML5 use – check. One page portfolios – check. Awesome jQuery effects – check.

Websites with illustrated backgroundsShowcase of websites with illustrated backgrounds

Another one of the design styles that I personally favor because each of them are unique in their own way even though they all utilize hand drawn elements in their designs. Line25 put together a great set of 30+1 websites that have illustrated backgrounds, so make sure you check it out.

Logo design showcaseLogo design trend showcase: Retro emblems and badges

While I really like this type of design, as you can see from this showcase there’s a time and place for trendy designs and if too many people are doing the same thing, nobody stands out. Regardless, there’s some awesome logos in this post to check out.

25 Amazing freelance designer portfolios

I think it’s safe to say that most of us here are freelance designers so this round up of 25 freelance designer portfolios should definitely inspire us to create something amazing today.


10 vintage PNGs10 Free Vintage PNG icons

For anyone who designs and uses a vintage style, these PNG’s will most definitely come in handy for the quick fix when you’re stumped and need something retro looking to pop into your design. Well worth the ten seconds it takes to click and download ;)

fresh free fonts47 gorgeous & fresh free fonts

PSD Fan put up an awesome collection of fresh, free fonts for you to use for your next design project. I found at least 10 new fonts I haven’t seen before, so it’s something to check out and the fonts are top notch.

Vintage paper texturesNine vignetted vintage paper textures

Lost & Taken is famous for releasing awesome textures on a regular basis and this set is not a disappointment at all. Full sized, awesome textures you can use for any project.

Subtle grunge photoshop brushesSubtle grunge Photoshop brush set #3

Liam has released two sets previously and this month he put a third set out that was made by textures submitted to him from readers of his blog. They turned out awesome and they’re definitely a requirement for your next design project :)

33 sets of free smoke Photoshop brushes

Instead of spending your time scouring the web looking for individual sets, YouTheDesigner has put together a list of 33 awesome smoke Photoshop brush sets all in one post so you can download them quickly and get on with your day.

Prestige Logo PSD

Great looking free logo design from the folks over at LogoInstant. Layered editable PSD file included.

Snow – a slick and modern UI kit

Brought to you by MediaLoot through the Spyre Studios website, this is an awesome UI kit that can easily be used in your next web design project.


Design a 1980s movie poster in PhotoshopHow to design a 1980’s movie poster in Photoshop

If you’re like a lot of designers, you were either A: born in the 80’s or B: a huge fan of the 80’s so this tutorial should be right up your alley.

How to apply textures to uneven surfaces in PhotoshopHow to apply textures to uneven surfaces in Photoshop

A good tutorial for anyone who is looking to learn a bit more about photo manipulations, which would translate well for poster designs, cd covers, etc.

Photo retouching tips and tricks in Photoshop

Looking for around thirty tips and tricks for photo retouching that you probably don’t know about yet? I figured you were and so did the fine folks at Smashing Magazine.

Design a blue corporate website design in Photoshop

An awesome tutorial on how to design a cool corporate website design in Photoshop. Design it and have someone code it into a WordPress theme and you’re bound to get some sales from it.

Vector Sketchbook TutorialHow to create a vector sketchbook in Illustrator

They call it a sketchbook but I call it what it clearly is – a moleskine. Regardless of the name, this is a really nice tutorial that shows you how to create a notebook in Illustrator.

Create a vibrant space themed poster in Photoshop

Head over and learn, in some serious detail, how to create your own space themed poster design in Photoshop. This is a must-read tutorial in my opinion because the techniques can transcend from poster designs to so many other mediums.

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Develop tumblr themes locally while using data from your live Tumblr blog. This could possibly solve the problem of having to hack and save code numerous times while working on themes, which will save you time, frustration & broken computer screens.

Love for JapanLove For Japan

This month we have seen a terrible tragedy hit Japan and this is just one of the many, many projects started by designers to support those who were devastated in Japan on March 11th. Draw a heart, upload it and it’ll be featured in a letterpress poster for sale with all proceeds going to help Japan.

Design bundle for JapanDesign bundle for Japan

The awesome folks over at PSD365 & Design Moo have put together an enormous design resource package you can purchase for $5, with proceeds going to the Red Cross in Japan. They’ve currently raised $7,280 – go help them hit the $10,000 mark!

Android Apps25 Essential Android apps for web workers and designers

The iPhone & iPad may have a stronghold on most designers but a lot of designers are using Android phones so this post is going to come at the perfect time because it’s got tons of awesome apps for your Android phone.

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