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MyInkTrail June 2008

I can’t believe I’m in my second month already. So far, so good. I’m stoked about the response and the climb in readership. It’s awesome to receive some of the emails and comments I’m getting. I should say a quick thanks to Chris Spooner from blog.spoongraphics for putting a link up to my site and encouraging me. If you haven’t already visited his site, check it out, he’s got a great eye for things and a bunch of tutorials you can learn a lot from.

But enough about that, take a look at some of the links below. June was another awesome month, stacked with quality articles, tutorials and freebies.

Here’s MyInkTrail for June 2008


  • Graphic Design BlogA well thought out list of the equipment you need as a graphic designer. Of course the options are limitless and no one thing on the list absolutely necessary, but it gives you some excellent chooses and a good starting point.

  • Web Designer WallA really extensive compilation of 2008 design trends. Vintage and retro styles are popping up all over (I love this style), Web Designer Wall showcases 82 of the best.

  • Coffee MugsThis post is just awesome and fun. And just like Franz at Fudge Graphics and most of us designers, I’m addicted to coffee/tea. This post shows off some of the coolest coffee/tea mug designs out there. Enjoy.

  • Spoon Graphics ArticleA comical look at 5 of the worst websites you’ll ever see. Here’s to hoping, by learning what not to do, designers will learn what to do. These are horrible!

  • 10 Commandments of Web DesignKeeping with the theme of the last article, this is a list of the top 10 “thou shall not do’s.” As an example #1 is “Thou Shall Not Abuse Flash”, Amen!

  • Freelance FolderAn interesting take on the abstract world that is freelance design. This article goes into the ethics of accepting a job you are not qualified for. I don’t agree 100% with everything, but some good advice and comical elements, make it very much worth the read.



Cool Web/Graphic Design Blogs I’ve Stumbled Upon this Month

  • AJ Troxell DesignThis is the home of graphic designer, AJ Troxell. AJ offers daily blog entries, including “The Daily Drop” which covers some of the interesting things that happen in the technology field every day. Also on the site are some nice freebies and news.

  • Photoshop StarA blog for all things Photoshop, including freebies, tutorials, inspiration and advice. This blog is updated often and is loaded with good stuff, they are definitely worth a visit.

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  • Tarains

    Wow, I found your blog like 2 days ago but it’s actually the best source of design tips and links I’ve ever found!

  • liam

    Lovely title, very nice links. Congratulations for being the newest addition to my RSS reader, see you around/

  • Andrew Houle

    Thanks Tarains and Liam. It’s quite encouraging to get this kind of feedback!

    It should be mentioned that Liam runs, which is a beautifully designed blog that offers web design and development services as well as some high quality freebies.

  • Grant Friedman

    Thanks for the mention once again!

  • Andrew Houle

    No problem Grant. I love the free textures, keep up the good work!