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May marked the start of this blogging adventure for me, and I’m so glad I’ve gotten some positive feedback from fellow design bloggers like DesignNerd and Gilberto’s Authority Blog. It is really encouraging and it pushes me to keep providing quality content. I’ve also hopped on board at Fighting Chance Fantasy, which is a fantasy sports blog that was started by a friend of mine. I hope to bring some organization and content to this blog that already has a nice following.

At the end of every month I would like to give you a compilation of many of the articles, inspiration, freebies and news that have caught my eye during that month.

Here’s MyInkTrail for May 2008


  1. SEO Guide for Designers
    SEO Article Bar-none the best article I read this month! It is loaded with great tips on optimizing your site for search engines. The post focuses on 9 common mistakes you should avoid.

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  2. Socializing for the Freelancer
    Freelancer Article This article looks into how to avoid becoming consumed with your work behind the computer. It’s easy to spend way too much of our lives sitting at our desk, this post gives you a few tips on how to keep in touch with the community.

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  1. Create a Spectacular Grass Text Effect in Photoshop
    Grass Text Tutorial This is yet another awesome Photoshop tutorial from the guys at PSD Tuts. This tutorial teaches you how to create a very cool grass text effect. You’ll learn about textures, layers, styles and most of all be really good with the pen tool by the time you are finished.

    View the Tutorial >>

  2. Create a Wood Grain Texture
    Wood Texture This tutorial examines how to design a realistic wood grain using Adobe Illustrator. You will learn about graphic pen effect, the warp tool and the twirl tool. This is just one of three tutorials on creating textures in Illustrator by Vectips. The other two cover creating a water texture and creating brushed metal.

    View the Tutorial >>

  3. Unraveling the Secrets of WordPress comments.php File
    Wordpress Comments NETTUTS was created recently by the same people who bring you PSDTuts. They are already pumping out some awesome web design tutorials. This one focuses on how to manipulate your comments.php file in order to customize it for the needs of your blog.

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  4. How to Create a Vector iMac Graphic in Illustrator
    Vector iMac Although this is not the most practical tutorial I’ve ever found, it is well presented and I like the look of the final product. By utilizing shapes, opacities and the pathfinder tab you can make a really cool effect that can be helpful when designing other vector shapes and icons.

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  1. 40 Professional Icon Sets for Free Download
    Free Icons Smashing Magazine offers this list of 40 professional Icons. This comprehensive lists covers some fantastic icon sets created by designers. Also in the post are links to even more icons from previous posts.

    View the Freebies >>

  2. Free eCommerce Icons
    Free eCommerce Icons 32 Free eCommerce Icons that you may find handy. They are crisp and well designed.

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Cool Web/Graphic Design Blogs I’ve Stumbled Upon this Month

  1. Design Nerd
    Design Nerd Design Nerd is a blog filled with awesome inspiration, freebies, tutorials and more. It is updated regularly and done by someone who clearly loves what they do.

    View the Site >>

  2. ColorBurned
    Color Burned ColorBurned features the art of Grant Friedman. Although the sites main purpose is to be a portfolio of Grant’s inspirational artwork; many freebies can also be found there.

    View the Site >>

  3. Graphic Design Blog
    Graphic Design Blog Graphic Design Blog is a very comprehensive site about all things graphic design. The current post, “Advice for New Freelance Designer” is extremely helpful and loaded with bits of advice from people in the industry.

    View the Site >>

I hope you enjoyed the first edition of myInkTrail. Let me know of any interesting articles, freebies, inspiration that you found, that you really liked.

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