Scoliosis is the abnormal twisting and curvature of the spine. It leads to one shoulder being higher than other and also difference in leg lengths. It may be caused due to some serious medical conditions like cerebral palsy etc. Many times its cause is unknown, and it can develop at any age.

Scoliosis can be treated gradually with a back brace or surgery. However, there are several emotional and physical problems associated with it which may impact everyday life of the patient.

How Scoliosis Impacts Everyday Life

In scoliosis there are certain complications which are important to consider:

Here are some of the day-to-day complications you may face due to scoliosis:

Shower and Dressing

When you suffer from scoliosis, it may become hard for you to go through the daily chores like dressing up or doing housework. You will find the first two hours of the day the most painful and difficult to manage. Hence, it’s always better to be less active in the first hour of waking up and do the chores slowly.

You will find it hard to take a bath in a tub, so it’s advisable to take a shower. It’s difficult to bend and clean your feet – a bath stool will work well in that case. You should sit down and dry your feet.

After the bath, it’s again quite painful to get dressed; you should alter your wardrobe slightly by wearing loose, comfortable clothing.

woman cleaning with her hand in gloves


If you’re going to work in the kitchen, you will find low work surfaces hard to work on. Hence, raising the platform is a good idea, or using higher boards to cut and cook. Ovens should be placed at a comfortable height, or you may kneel down and work. You should not complete the whole work in one go. It is always advisable to take rest in between.

Other housework, like vacuuming, sweeping, ironing you should do with care and with no bending; better have bigger handles for vacuums and mops.

Again, it would be better to bend your knees rather than at the waist.

Emotional Impact

Scoliosis can sometimes lead to emotional problems, too. If the spine is visibly curved, you may feel low self-esteem and have difficulties in maintaining the overall quality of life.

Physically, scoliosis can be managed by slightly altering the way of life. However, if you’re facing with severe scoliosis, then the curvature of the spine can affect the lungs and heart, too.