Even with the right pistol, small game hunting is still challenging. An inaccurate pistol or one that won’t fire at the right velocity is a hobbyist hunter’s nightmare.

Here are 5 air pistols that will give you an edge when hunting in 2018.

1. Evanix AR6

This air pistol makes it to the top of our list because of its unmatched accuracy and impressive power. With it, you can make quick successive shots. Whether you’re shooting for pest control, hobby hunting or for plinking, it won’t miss anything in its crosshairs. If you want power and accuracy (without compromising on portability), this should be your ideal air pistol. It looks as fierce as it shoots, too.


  • 11mm dovetail
  • Ideal for fast moving targets
  • 5 pounds trigger pull

2. Airforce Talon Pneumatic

I believe the USA never disappoints when it comes to firearms because of this pistol. Even though it’s slightly heavier than other similar guns, you will bear its uncomfortable grip after you see its consistent accuracy.

  • One of the most powerful pistols outputting 50ft-lbs
  • Supports most scopes
  • 0.25” caliber

3. Crossman 2300s

man's hand holding Crossman air pistol

Best suited for bull’s eye targeting, this pistol was designed with competitions shooting in mind. It comes equipped with a Williams notch scope. Thanks to its internal locks and knobs, you could eerily make micrometer adjustments if your target is a little off. The trigger is adjustable too and has an adjustment screw for varying over travel.

  • Hammer spring can be adjusted
  • Has a scope receiver
  • Extended stainless-steel bolt

4. Browning 800

This .177 caliber is so powerful that it matches the manufacturer’s description of being an air rifle you could hold single-handedly. It generates velocities that are higher than most air pistols currently in the market. It’s perhaps one of the largest (and fastest) air pistols money could buy. There is a catch though – its slightly heavier (half a pound more) than other air pistols.

  • Sleek black finish
  • Effective anti-recoil system.
  • Works perfectly with Bushnell Trophy scope

5. Benjamin Marauder PCP

Perhaps you’re more familiar with the Rifle version of this pistol. With incredible shooting range and minimal accuracy loss, this pistol fires with consistency. It comes with an instructional annual on how to adjust almost anything. Is the trigger too tight? You can easily loosen it. The only thing that you won’t be able to change is the pistol grip. Sadly, a few people find it too big for their tiny hands.

  • Has incredible accuracy once you get used to it
  • Low maintenance
  • Very heavy even without a scope

Benjamin Marauder air pistol