Turkey’s capital city Ankara and third busiest airport in Europe, Istanbul have been the topic of discussions in the last few days after attempted coups in those areas.

Only one month ago, Istanbul’ airport Ataturk suffered a triple bomb hit that killed 41 people. This was the fifth bomb hit in the last five months and the 9th over the last 12 months. Hits have been carried out in supermarkets and other public places with the terror group ISIL taking credit for such attacks. The recent coup attempt resulted in the arrest of several police officers, lawyers, and officials.

It is the latest disturbance in a country that has in recent times been used to terror attacks. Tourists who have long wished to visit Turkey and maybe even hired a professional team to plan and manage their trip, are now no longer certain of their ambitions this year.

Affairs are Only Heated within the Capital

An official statement released by Turkey’s foreign office (FCO) stated that the disturbances only affected Ankara and Istanbul. The coastal resorts characterize peace and stability unlike other places and are still safe for tourists. However, the attempted coup may have just stirred up things on the state of terror within the capital as hits seem to target places where the public and tourists hang out.

According to FCO, Turkey is still generally safe for the more than 2.5 million British tourists that visit the lands. They are yet to change their statements although they accepted that the environment is potentially volatile following more recent disturbances and arrests.

The foreign office also offered advice to tourists in several statements. These included:

  • The returning normalcy – Turkey situation is slowly calming after disruptions to flights and transport. Flights are returning to normal, and everything seems to be getting back to the original place, so there’s nothing to fear.
  • Check with travel operator before traveling – Tourists have been advised to check with their travel operator before traveling to Turkey. This basically helps you verify flights and travel arrangements.
  • Security operations in progress – Turkey is currently, and will continue to carry out security operations to fish out and bring perpetrators to justice. You’re therefore advised to follow the instruction from authorities as they may be in the vicinity of military forces and roadblocks in some areas.

So Should You Travel to Turkey in 2016?

You can still visit Turkey at any time you wish as long as you check with your travel operator and confirm the flights. My advice is to stick to the coastal resorts for the time being as the capital seems a little tense.

However, there are millions of people walking in Ankara and Istanbul everyday despite the tense situation and so it is safe for them. What’s more, there is heightened security and people are more vigilant, so another hit is highly unlikely.