Walk-in bathtubs are usually advertised as an amazingly safe product for kids, seniors, and people with disabilities. According to most installers, this type of tub can help to enhance an individual’s ability to bathe independently and safely.

However, it’s essential that you use your own thinking to establish whether a walk-in bathtub can deliver the level of safety, comfort, and convenience that you desire.

What’s the Danger?

The fact is that a significant number of occupational and home ability therapists tend to advise potential buyers of walk in tubs for seniors to proceed with caution because they might end up experiencing more inconvenience, safety issues, and hidden costs that they never expected.

Risky for People with Walkers

As the name suggests, a walk-in tub means that someone can simply walk in. However, this is not always the case.

If you’re an able-bodied person, you will be able to walk in rather steadily, since a huge number of these products come with a step that will force you to raise your feet, a constricted doorway to pass through, and a door to offer support while you are entering or exiting.

On the other hand, if you’re someone who depends on a walker for stability, then this will most likely be something that you wouldn’t feel safe or comfortable doing because you could easily fall and break your back.

Poses Trouble in Case of a Medical Emergency

Another danger with walk-in tubs is that they usually come with an inward-opening door that can be rather restrictive in the case of a medical crisis. A person wouldn’t be able to get out of the tub without first making sure that all the water is drained out. This can be quite a fete when you consider that most of these tubs can hold up to 40-80 gallons of water!

To counter this problem, most salespeople will try to sell you on the notion that a walk-in tub with a larger drain will be able to empty the water more quickly. However, you should not be swayed easily because this might not always prove to be the case.

You should also keep in mind that your home’s plumbing system will also play a critical role as to how fast the water will drain out in the case of an emergency.