What’s In Your Design Toolbox? Part 3: Kyle Steed

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toolboxThis is part 3 of the Design Toolbox Series where I ask top designers what design tools they use to help them complete their work. This series was largely inspired by Grace Smith’s Show Me Your Dock Series. It’s my hope that you can gain insight into what other designer’s are using, and hopefully find some new apps/tools to check out.

About Kyle Steed

kyle-steed140Kyle Steed is an awesomely talented designer from in Dallas, Texas. He is refreshingly open, honest and humble. He’s the guy behind kylesteed.com (naturally) and works a full-time 9-5 job doing web + graphic design as well as work in his free time doing illustrations + web design.


Computer/OS – iMac/Macbook running OS X 10.5 (Waiting to upgrade to Snow Leopard)

Epson Stylus Photo RX620Printer

Epson Stylus Photo RX620 (I use it more for scanning than I do printing)


Safari is really my browser of choice

DreamweaverCode Editor

A mixture of Dreamweaver (Code view only) and CODA

GoogleMail Client

Using Google Apps to manage my personal email through my domain

freshbooksBilling App

FreshBooks (Still using the free version since I’m not full-time freelance)

TransmitFTP Client

Transmit (hands down the best)

tweetieTwitter App

Tweetie (I love the shortcut keys to switch from the main timeline to my @ replies and DM’s to search)

google-readerRSS Reader

Google Reader (As of just a couple months ago. Before then I didn’t really use RSS)

moleskinTask Organizer

My moleskin (Does that count?) ;)

cornerstoneAny Other Apps You’d Like To Share?

Cornerstone by Zennaware is my favorite Version Control software. Fluid is another personal favorite.

Connect With Kyle

Feel free to comment add your tools of choice for any or all of the categories above.

About the Author

Andrew is a primary contributer for MyInkBlog. He is a full time web developer for Niagara University. When he's not working there, he's a blogger, twitter'er, wordpress'er, silverstripe advocate, blessed father and husband.

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  • http://www.teenius.com/ Simon | Teenius

    Cool idea to have a look at what the top designers use. Helps us get to know them a bit better, great idea! :D

    I’m loving Kyle’s website design too, very minamilist! :)

  • http://www.andrewkelsall.com Andrew Kelsall

    Great article, here are some additional addons that I use:

    Harware: Wacom Tablet and Backup Hard drive
    Software: Billings 3, Fetch, NetNewsWire, Little Snapper and new free web service, http://www.teuxdeux.com

  • Tony

    That’s almost exactly my list, only I use Things as my task organizer and I use Firefox more often than Safari (because of the add-ons).

    Good to see others using DW, which definitely gets a bad wrap. It’s one of the best *text* editors out there. I never (ever) use the visual mode. The text editor is (at its core) the old Allaire Homesite editor, which Macromedia bought before Adobe bought Macromedia. They integrated Homesite into DW and added some new functionality. The site management tools are fantastic. (Ex: move a file from one directory to another and any links pointing to that document anywhere else in the site can be updated automatically.) I use the SVN for DW plugin, so it’s pretty much a one-stop-shop tool (built-in FTP and SVN…)

  • http://www.chotrul.com/ Chotrul Web Design

    It’s always interesting to see what someone uses for web design and their general work.

    It’s also vote for Firefox ahead of Safari … the add-ons for a web designer and for SEO work are simply unbeatable ….

  • http://www.cheappoolproducts.com/Pool~Cleaners_29~supplies.html poolcleaner

    the task organizer should really count ^^.

  • http://www.migratedesign.com Laurent Jouvin

    The list is surprisingly very simple and slim. It’s refreshing. I’ll have to look into Google Reader. I use iCal for schedule. It’s easy.

  • http://xpirtdesign.com Xpirt Web Design

    Can’t forget Photoshop and Illustrator!

  • http://die-dinge-die-ich-mag.net/ Victor Palajon

    Well, that’s just about it. I use most of these tools myself, but still it gave me ideas on what else should I use. I hope you can share a tool where I can preview designs in different browsers.

  • http://www.madelikethis.com MadeLikeThis

    Good list, and for menubar apps, I’d add Caffine and Jumpcut. Very handy.

  • http://www.birchphotographers.com/ Wedding Photography Detroit

    snow leapord is amazing but dont forget parallels! i find it really helpful because for a lot of stuff i have to go back and use non-mac programs so it just lets me switch back and forth between the two.

  • http://www.small-business-graphic-design.com Rhonda Brown

    This is an interesting interview. I always wondered what other graphic designers used for printers and code editing. I like using Dreamweaver also.

  • http://www.swimtownpools.com/ Pool Cleaner

    I used to like safari too, but Chrome has steadily become my favorite browser. It’s starting to get more and more add-ons.