Tap water is no longer pure. When we are drinking it directly from the faucet, we don’t really know what substances we are ingesting. An alternative would be to purchase bottled water, but this method isn’t very cost effective and we can’t know for sure what substances are inside this water either.

The best alternative would be to purchase a whole house water filter because only then we’ll have the certainty that we are drinking a 100% pure water.

Here are the top 5 reasons to purify your water using water filtration system.

1. Avoid Water Contaminants

It’s already known that our daily tap water can contain over 2,100 different substances. Indeed, not all of these substances are toxic, but there is a high chance that some of them are. If you don’t want to take that risk, a water purification system will remove all the substances, allowing you to benefit from pure water.

2. More Cost Effective Than Bottled Water

As you probably know by now, the cheap types of bottled water aren’t very safe, and the premium brands are too expensive to purchase them on a regular basis. Also, you can’t just buy bottled water whenever you want to cook something or to bathe your baby – it’s too costly. If you want a cost-effective solution on the long term, then a whole house water filter would be a smart investment.

3. Better Than Boiling

Boiling the water might remove some of the contaminants but not all of them. Tap water often contains different types of metals, which can affect our kidneys, liver, and stomach – metals that won’t go away if you boil the water. The only way to make sure that you remove all the contaminants from your water is through a whole house water filter, which will give you access to fresh, pure water.

4. Important For Your Health

20 years ago, tap water wasn’t as dangerous as today, for the simple reason that our planet wasn’t as polluted as it is now. Nowadays, a lot of chemicals, industrial waste and sometimes radioactive particles are being transferred directly into the groundwater, and unfortunately, we can no longer benefit from pure natural water. Still, a water purification system is designed to remove every harmful substance and to let you live a healthy life.

5. Prevents Allergies

Contaminated tap water can often lead to several allergies, which cause us discomfort and make us take long trips to the doctors. If you already confronted yourself with an inexplicable allergy and no one knows what triggers it, it might be because of the contaminated water. A water purification system will surely help and it will allow you to drink and wash yourself with pure, 100% safe water.

Purchase Your Whole House Water Filter Today

Now that you know why is it important to own a house water filter, it’s time for you to make the big step and purchase one for your house. Because health is more important than anything in this world, you should keep yourself and your family safe and buy a whole house water filter now!

child drinking from the faucet