Win A Free 1-Year Account To MediaLoot

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Win A Free 1-Year Account To MediaLoot

About MediaLoot

MediaLoot is a brand new online toolbox of premium design resources. It’s a subscription based site that offers designers awesome icons, Photoshop brushes, textures, vectors, print templates, and more. It looks very promising and is created by Jon Phillips of Spyre Studios and Mason & Natalie Hipp of Freelance Folder.

Some Samples

Rather than me just chatting up the graphics, I figured you could check out some examples and judge for yourself.

Watercolor Textures

The Prize

MyInkBlog and MediaLoot would like to hook up 5 lucky readers with a free 1-year account.

How To Enter

For a chance to grab this cool prize, simply signup to be a fan of MyInkBlog on Facebook, and then drop me a comment below. The 5 winners will be chosen at random. The deadline to enter is April 8th, 2010, after that point commenting on this post will be turned off. I will announce the winners in a followup post, so it’s a good idea to grab the RSS feed to find out if you win.

About the Author

Andrew is a primary contributer for MyInkBlog. He is a full time web developer for Niagara University. When he's not working there, he's a blogger, twitter'er, wordpress'er, silverstripe advocate, blessed father and husband.

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  • aniss

    Thank you Andrew what will be great if I win :) good luck for All

  • Squibble

    Love the watercolour textures, would be great to win the subscription! Have a great day!

  • Chris Stevens

    I’m already your fan on facebook! I’m just dropping my name in the hat!

  • jPomfret

    MediaLoot looks great, nice textures, hook me up please…

  • Rudy

    Dope hope to win this!

  • Manuel

    Hi, viva México, ready to grab my prize!!

  • Drew Hollings

    Hook me up please! Would be awesome to help me learn and improve. Should be good for getting ready for college too, only a couple of years. Fingers Crossed.

  • Sam Harding

    Awesome idea, MediaLoot looks amazing. Even if I don’t win I think I’ll still get it!

  • David

    Love the freebies so far… hope I win

  • tcervo

    Awesome. Thanks…just became a fan on FB. (Not sure why I didn’t think to look there before…)

  • Lisa Ellwood

    I’ve been looking forward to the MediaLoot launch for a while now/. Glad the big day is finally upon us 8)).

  • scb

    Would love some MediaLoot!

    Love your InkBlog too.

  • Romeo

    That site looks good. I hoppe i can winn in oder to test it :)

    Thanks a lot.

  • Ian

    Me likey. Outstanding resource for inspiration. Dig it.

  • Tegan

    Awesome prize!

  • Hi-I’m-Si

    Looking good medialoot, lovin the whole site and what it has 2offer in a general.
    Il b buzzing with a subscription, help a designer out aye :-)

  • Chris

    I’ve was on their notification list for many months!

  • Mark Poppen

    I’m willing to pay, but if I can get in for free, all the better! :)

  • Nicole

    LOVE this site, I’ve learned so much from you.

    MediaLoot looks awesome! I’m crossing my fingers! Thanks for providing such amazing content and offers!


  • Andrew B

    I have been on their mailing list for the last few weeks! It would awesome to win!

  • Joey Weaver

    MediaLoot looks great. I hope I win!

  • Gil

    Really lookin’ sweet…

  • António Magalhães

    MediaLoot ruuuuules man!

  • Natalie

    Looks like a great win!!

  • Ressa

    This would be an amazing prize. Love the new site.

  • Joachim Kudish

    Would love this win

  • Tuhin Kumar

    Would love to win one free account on Media Loot.

  • Steve Robillard

    MediaLoot looks like a great new resource and source of inspiration.

  • WilhelmR

    1 year of MediaLoot? awesome!

    Good luck everyone! (the 4 of you)

  • Jessica Cave

    Great contest! I’m glad to be a fan of such a fabulous blog! Thanks for the opportunity, guys!

  • sean

    nice. woulod love something like this. Good luck to all.

  • Karen Schmidt

    Already a fan of yours on fb! Would love to win this…

  • Mark

    w00t. Great prize, thanks! Holding thumbs :)

  • Craig Paterson

    Just became a fan on Facebook. MediaLoot looks like a fantastic resource. Hope I win a free account.

  • Umit K

    MediaLoot gonna be a great Design resource for us,
    and thank you…

  • Kevin Schumacher

    Looks pretty cool, would love to win!

  • Jeph Why

    Love your posts! Keep them coming. And a MediaLoot account up for grabs? Sounds awesome!!

  • Justi

    Uuu pick me:)

  • Voras

    I’m in and really hoping to win!

  • savers

    Very cool idea!!!!

  • Steve Webster

    Already a fan on facebook, but would love to get my hands on your Loot!

  • Graham

    Wow I am really excited about MediaLoot – well done guys. Can’t wait to see it being successful!

  • Lubinrho

    Thanks for the opportunity! Keep up the great work. Good luck all.

  • Tanaka13 – Créations du Net

    Look promising! i will be glad to win a 1 year account as i started my freelance business few month ago.

  • adone

    Great stuff. I’m MyInkBlog FB Fan.

  • sleepyeyes

    Man this would be so incredibly useful.

  • Monika M.

    Just discovered MyInkBlog and loving it! Excited to see what I can learn dailly.

    Thanks : )

  • Chris

    Wow. This is awesome!

  • davidg

    the textures look great! i could really use a one-year membership :)

  • Sid

    M a Fan .. Fingers Crossed .. :) ..

  • asaelv

    Hey Thanks for the chance! and good luck to everyone!

  • eve

    I was already a fan but would still LOVE to win this! Thanks! :-)

  • David Branco

    I’m a FB fan of this fabulous blog!
    The resources of MediaLoot are great, and i hope win one year account to them.

  • Brian Lovin

    I’m quite impressed with what Media Loot is offering right from the start. They are offering some incredible value and I can only see the value going up from here.

  • Stephen

    Count me in! MediaLoot looks great.

  • Rommel Miraflores

    I’m a fan, I’m a fan! Now why the heck is April 18, 2010 taking so long to get here?

    Sometimes I just hate it when time stands still….

  • Tomas

    I’m already your fan on facebook! Hope I’ll win!

  • Brett

    Awesome contest, can’t wait to see who wins (hopefully me!)

  • e11world

    This is a nice giveaway. I’m In!!

  • Angie Bowen

    I’m already a facebook fan. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Bill Corrigan

    Thanks for the chance for great tools for free!

  • Dungol

    Good luck to everyone!

  • jared thompson

    Been a fan on facebook for a while, count me in :D

  • Madeline Ong

    MediaLoot sounds interesting. Count me in!

  • Jonathan

    Would be so happy to win, been drooling over medialoot but i cant afford it as a student :(

  • Jon Phillips

    Hey, thanks a lot everyone for entering this contest and a huge thanks to Andrew for hosting it! Good luck to everyone! I hope you guys enjoy MediaLoot :)

    • Andrew Houle

      No problem. Thanks for offering up such a quality prize. I’m loving the new site!

  • Damian Smith

    Wow, slim chances lol
    But added and hoping!
    looks great!!

  • pars

    Thank you Andrew

  • Tino

    Hi Andrew, just became a fan on FB! Thanks for this great contest and such cool resources for graphic designers. I hope I can win a year’s subscription to MediaLoot!

  • Conrad

    Thanks for such an awesome design blog and now I am a loyal fan on Facebook. I have been awaiting MediaLoot’s launch and now it is here and I can only hope to win a free year. Thanks man!

  • Kimcool

    Hope I’m the winner:)Z..

  • Katie Boggs

    Would love to win this. I have a circa ’96 web site that is begging for a makeover. Media tools could be a great help in that makeover ;-)

  • kharis sulistiyono

    Wow, It’ll be good resources to help designers minimizing time allocation. Hope I’ll lucky win the prize :)

  • Rose

    Wow.nice watercolour textures.
    medialoot looks like an excellent resource .keeping my fingers crossed now XD

  • alexJohnston

    Wow I could really make good use of this prize! Good luck all!

  • Anand Prabhu

    Thanks Andrew ! I would love to loot this offer :)

  • Steven L Braun

    how about twitter. Facebook is passe.

  • Not_3nough

    I hope i win xD

  • Rafi

    Excellent contest prize.. I would be more than happy if I win it. The subscription will be useful for me for my graphic design works. :)

  • Kym

    Awesome stuff!

  • Designil

    Sounds great! Count me in! :D

  • Stratos

    I want to participate too :)

  • mary

    fan on facebook! would be great to win this!

  • David Hnátay

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    it sounds great! :D

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    Count me in as well XD

  • Safique Ahmed Faruque

    Nice way to give away

  • Kelly

    Would love to be counted in!

  • shashank

    I’m already a facebook fan. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • okanagan photographer

    what a great resource thanks for sharing.

  • Deborah Lee

    Great prize! All signed up :-)

  • Rachel

    Wow, what a great prize. I became a fan on FB and am crossing my fingers!

  • Sean

    I’m in. :-) I have been waiting for media loot to open up. Great Idea. A 1 year free membership would be pretty nice.

  • Scripty

    I’m a fan! :P

  • hotmac

    Hope I’m a lucky winner. Would like to tune up my living room and so I need some good inspirations and materials. The watercolor textures are a good start for creating my new wallpaper. :-)

  • Jaime

    Medialoot is an awesome service. I’d love to win a free one year subscription, though if I don’t I’ll surely keep paying for one ;)

  • Kristijan

    Great giveaway, tnx, they offer some nice stuff I would like to have (and use of course).

  • huffo

    great giveaway-I’m a fan!

  • Jolis

    Great idea, this is a fantastic offer. May your random generator look kindly on my entry. ;)

  • Ben

    Just became a fan of your FB page. This would be great to win.

  • Alexandre D’

    I need some loot. Thanks!

  • Justin Moore-Brown


    Thanks for these great contests!

  • abanas

    wish me luck..

  • Cvos man

    Looking forward to more content and contests.

  • Steve Webster

    Already a fan and would love to try out medialoot.

  • krike

    hope I win :D would love to win

  • Dale Titus

    Hello i’m Dale Titus from . Nice to meet you .

  • e11world

    I’m in as well. This would be really nice to win!