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Wordpress Themes

In this giveaway, 5 lucky MyInkBlog readers will get a 1 year developer subscription to RocketTheme.com‘s premium WordPress theme club, valued at $250 each!

Who is RocketTheme?

RocketTheme.com is the leading theme vendor in the Content Management System (CMS) space offering themes, templates and styles for Joomla, WordPress, phpBB3, Magento and Drupal. RocketTheme is reknowned for their highly flexible, powerful and innovative themes, quick and expert support, the Gantry framework around which the themes are built and of course the absolutely gorgeous graphic design work on their themes.

What Do The Winners Get?

The winners get a 1  year Developer subscription to RocketTheme’s WordPress club. These wordpress themes provide a stunningly and unique blog design to enable you to stand out from the crowd. Their extensive community forums allow you to quickly get help and learn how to bring your own ideas to life.

WordPress Themes from RocketTheme

How To Participate

Simply leave a comment about how you would use the themes under this giveaway contest. We will pick 5 lucky people and announce the winners on Tuesday, April 17 2011.

Good luck, and thanks to all of MyInkBlog’s readers for making the site what it is today. You guys and gals rock!

About the Author

James Vincent is a previous owner of MyInkBlog and a full time web developer and designer. He is a passionate blogger, photographer, and videographer.

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  • http://bryananthonylewis.com Bryan Lewis

    I will use the templates for freelance and non-profit sites. I’ve thought about trying out rocket-theme for quite some time now. This would be perfect.

  • http://www.perlude.com Sven ten Hove

    I (19y old student) would love to have Developer subscription. I am a young designer and student at the Netherlands. I am studying Communication en multimedia design. With a friend we have a small design company. So for us it would be great to have the theme’s.

  • Tony C.

    Will use the templates for our 3 WordPress blogs that our school is setting up to better communicate with parents, students, and staff.

  • http://pablolarah.cl/ Pablo Lara H

    I would use the templates for clients.

  • http://about.me/mikemagan Mike Magan

    Im growing out of my about.me profile. Also my 14 and 11 y/olds are journaling and I want to move them over to blogging. this would be a great way to expose them to more creative control beyond just writing

  • http://loveyourcommunity.com Eric Reynolds

    Thank you for your offer.

    As a voluntary member of my local village of 5,000 residents, I have been called upon to find a solution to better our communication, and establish and maintain neighborhood connections. One of our concerns is that we are located on a major earthquake fault line, and we need to better prepare ourselves for a catastrophe. Therefore, my solution is to develop an online community. I’ve chosen WordPress Multisite and the Buddypress plugin.

  • http://www.familyservice.us Katie P.

    I will use the templates for freelance websites. I work with nonprofits, building them easy, manageable websites at a generously affordable price.

  • Alex

    I will use it for my site and as a great learning experience from the theme rocket community

  • http://www.victorsiliceo.com Victor Siliceo

    I want to create a blog and I love to use one of your themes.

  • Saffron S.

    I love Rocket Theme for Joomla but I’ve never used them for WordPress. That would be awesome!

    I would use the templates for a Not-For-Profit Missing/Murdered Local Women Org I volunteer for and Artists in Need of Online Exposure. :) *crosses fingers*

  • http://www.andrewckor.com Andrew Ckor

    I will use the themes for personal projects, good luck to everyone!

  • Christine

    I would love to update my website with this theme. Plus use to the templates on all the websites I do work for pro-bono. This is incredible.

    Thank you for doing this!

  • http://www.timothywhalin.com Timothy Whalin

    I would use these for my personal portfolio as well as future clients websites. My girlfriend is also looking to change her website and so I could use these themes as options for her.

  • http://www.phirebase.com/ David Klhufek

    Great!!! I would it use for future websites i make, nice!!!

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/danielgilles/ Daniel

    Interesting way to learn wordpress templating.Good luck to the winner!

  • http://monday-edition.de Gunther

    dear myinkblog,

    i really like your blog. if i win the rockstar themes developer subscription, i will like you even more…

    kind reagrds from berlin

  • Rose

    Wow! What a generous offer! I checked out rocketheme.com and their work is stellar. Really beautiful designs with lots of adaptility.

    The themes would help me support people through the apocalyptic times we live in. Some of topics of the site(s) I have in mind will include:

    What people can do to protect themselves, the soil, and the water from the radiation fall out.

    Education towards a new money paradigm to help people navigate the current economic crises.

    How to care for loved ones at death so we can help each other stay more consciously connected across the threshold between life and the afterlife.

    I would really appreciate the support of a developer community to make the site(s) the best they could be!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • http://warstwy.com dumazz

    Message of the day. I won’t be concealing the fact that ROCKET THEME is my favourite club with conventions of sides.

    I am watching their actions for years. I wasn’t a subscriber, but I am a great fan of one of free templates for cms joomla which I am using to today.

    I remember how the fact that Rocket Theme is entering world of WordPressa templates pleased me. They are creating original and stylish motives to WP.

    if I won, I would motivate for the change of the design of my blog myself. Apart from that I would still open one, perhaps musical.

  • karan

    i have 2 domains currently that need templates, so i will use these designs on my current and future websites.

    thanks for giveaway.

  • http://www.dcypher.co.uk Steve Webster

    Just getting into wordpress, so would use on a few of my personal sites.

  • http://mesopinions.ca Francois

    Wow nice giveaway ! I would refresh some older themes that I actually have to a better one !

  • http://www.moneyunveiled.com Elisha

    Wow, this is a very generous offer, thanks for the opportunity!

    I would use the subscription and the themes to help me build or redesign a few websites on the untold history of money and the evolution of consciousness; a precious metals website and blog unlike anything else on the web right now and a few other personal sites for e-products and blogging. I’m not a designer, so it would be super helpful to have access to the RocketTheme team and forum for help. I’ve often struggled with setting up my WordPress websites and getting them to look and function the way I want.

    Thanks again, good luck to everyone!

  • joanna

    I would use the subscription and themes for non-profit purposes. I’m a full-time agent of change. Thanks for bringing the cyber-community together and good luck to you all!

  • http://twitter.com/vicenteocana vocana

    I have three projects in mind: A BMX club, an innovative job board, and a presentation site for a civic marketing initiative. Themes + plugins rock!

  • http://soberconnections.net Daniel

    I would love to create a WP Theme Site for our soon to be Non-Profit called Sober Connections. We need to create a site for others to come to publicly to see what we are about, and either donate, redirect to our closed social network for people in sobriety, or to come and see what events we have coming up.
    Daniel D
    Sober Connections

  • http://- chriss

    I will use the themes to increase my skills about create WP themes :) and use it for my personal projects

  • http://www.bunchofideas.com shannan

    Would love to use these and help build up my client portfolio.

  • http://DJAmandaPanda.com Amanda Panda

    I will use the themes for my personal DJ website that I am developing and continue to use them for my other sites in the future as I learn the ropes of WP! Then all of my friends will be incredibly jealous of how rad my themes are and wonder where I got them… and of course I’ll tell them ;)

  • http://www.myinkblog.com James Vincent

    Thanks for all the entries!

    Comments are now closed and the winners will be announced soon.