Workers compensation insurance offers injured workers certain benefits. These benefits comprise of lost wages, rehabilitation costs, payment of medical expenses, and other.

It is an obligation of insurance companies to compensate workers in the event that they fall ill or get injured while on official duty. There is no requirement of proof that their employer, an agent or the employer’s representative was in some way negligent or that they witfully caused the illness or injury to them.

Compensation Claim

Workers’ compensation aims at enabling injured employees to completely focus on getting the required medical treatment as well as wage replacement. This is usually achieved with the assistance of a qualified and competent workers’ compensation attorney.

There are a number of issues that an individual requires to know before filing a workers’ compensation claim:

  1. Immediate notification – It is important to inform your employer immediately after an injury occurs to you while on official duty. If a worker is unable to properly file a written report within the time that has been specified in their geographical location, then another individual that has received notice of the injury is allowed to do so.
  2. Seeking treatment – It is recommended that an injured or ill worker should seek medical attention from designated medical providers listed by the employer. If this doesn’t happen, then there is a great possibility of the claim being rejected.
  3. Provide detailed information – There is a possibility of a compensation claim being rejected because the insurance adjuster of your employer lacks complete and accurate information. This means that workers should be very clear when describing their illness or injury. The supply of critical information through the claim process is an important determinant in whether it will be   accepted or not. This is where a workers’ compensation attorney with a wealth of experience becomes important.
  4. Personal representation – It is essential that injured or ill workers completely avoid representing themselves in legal proceedings as it is both confusing and risky. Never underestimate the ability of an experienced attorney; it’s the wisest way to avoid such an unfair challenge.

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